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We have regularly been providing valuable trend input and fresh inspiration and hands-on innovation techniques for more than 15 years. Numerous national and international companies, advertising & creative agencies, media groups and industrial firms place their trust in our tools & techniques. Every project is unique. Our closeness to the customer is part of the TRENDONE DNA. Two factors remain constant: our wealth of experience and our enthusiasm for the future.


Keynotes 2019

Trends and future-oriented topics enthral your audiences and inform them of the latest developments. The special combination of entertainment and information made the keynotes by TRENDONE speakers the highlights of many events in 2019.


Digital tool customers

Using the Trendexplorer as a source of information is widespread and highly popular in many companies. The Trendmanager is also establishing itself as a tool for strategic innovation work and is gaining in popularity.


Consultation projects in 2019

Our extensive knowledge about the trends and technologies of the future is a key foundation for our clients’ strategic decisions in all our consultation projects.     

„I am constantly delighted that we managed to achieve such a major change in our publishing house with this project and that the new way of working has had such a positive effect on in-house communication and collaboration between the various departments.“
Martin Wilhelm, CEO Heidenheimer Zeitung
„The applied method of organising macro-trends into a Trend Radar and then deriving the resulting challenges has proved highly successful for our strategy work. The clear visualisation of the results is really helpful when it comes to communicating the strategy work to our employees.“
Robert Heismann, Manager After Sales Business Development, Porsche AG
"When it comes to tracking the relevant technological trends, we greatly appreciate the support from TRENDONE."
Christian Huber, Department Manager Technology Management & Forecast, BMW Group
„TRENDONE reacts flexibly and quickly to changing demands. This greatly simplifies and accelerates our work with them."
Simone Schneider, Innovation Management, BMW Group
„TRENDONE helped us to develop our Human-Machine Interface – Vision for Mobility Services. The input for developing the vision was really helpful, as many internal stakeholders were extremely well integrated and trained.“
Guido Meier-Arendt, Principal Expert Human Machine Interface, Continental Automotive GmbH

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