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Trend input for a picture of the future of electricity distribution grids

The energy transition is changing the German energy system. Energy production is becoming increasingly volatile and decentralized, while the heating and transport sectors are becoming electrified. The shutdown of centralized power stations and the increase in decentralized renewable energies is shifting the balance from transmission grids to distribution grids. This transition is currently in full swing. There are many innovative trends & new solutions that are now shifting the processes in the energy sector.

The starting situation

The ZVEI – Germany’s Central Association of the Electrical and Electronics Industry – represents the joint interests of the electrical industry and the associated service providers in Germany and internationally. With policy suggestions for the fields of research, technology, environmental protection, education and science, the ZVEI is a trendsetter of technological progress.

The energy market is highly regulated and also extremely dynamic. Developments in photovoltaics, electric storage, wind power, heat pumps, electromobility – these are just a few of the keywords in the industry. Even further developments are just around the corner. Driven by the phase-out of nuclear power and the fact that more and more consumers are starting to produce energy by themselves, the electrical industry is facing a turnaround.

Electricity distribution grids 2030

An awareness of the industry trends is of major importance

The key question was, “What can the ZVEI do to ensure that the system moves in the direction that customers want?”. Using this premise, 20 customer-relevant macro-trends were defined – including new energy storage solutions, developments in network intelligence, and e-mobility. The consumers of 2030 played a crucial role in the trend analysis. Calling on its scouting network, TRENDONE made a valuable contribution to the content of the study and provided examples of use from all around the world.

Our contribution

  • International trend analysis of distribution grids
  • Drawing up 20 macro-trends with examples of use
  • 264-page report
  • Keynote by David Baum at the Metering Day 2019
"Some of the trends in the study really took us by surprise. New approaches that we were not previously aware of were of particular value to us."
Marco Sauer - Senior Manager Intelligent Energy Systems
"With the help of the study, we were able to enter into dialogue with representatives from politics and business."
Marco Sauer - Senior Manager Intelligent Energy Systems

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