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The developments in Artificial Intelligence are forcing us to rethink the world we live in and to rethink the structures we work for.
Make your organization fit in AI by an in-deepth training.
The AI Campus - Your program to find out your AI strategy.

The TRENDONE AI Campus is our answer to help your organization effectively integrate Artificial Intelligence into your business models and operational processes.

The AI Campus is about:

Upon completion of the program, participants will have gained an advanced understanding of Artificial Intelligence, its mechanisms of action, and potential use cases in their own business context.

You have learned how to use and apply AI tools yourself to make your business more efficient and productive.

Participants will be able to effectively assess the impact of AI on their business.

They have a clear idea of the opportunities and risks AI poses for their specific business areas.

They have conducted an impact analysis.

They are able to make informed, targeted decisions to future-proof their business model.

You have developed an AI roadmap and measure to adapt your business models and processes to the requirements of the AI era and secure your competitiveness in the long term.

Challenges we face through Artificial Intelligence

How can AI be used to increase productivity in your company?
What does the company need to know and do in order not to lose out in terms of AI?

The introduction and integration of AI into existing business processes can be a challenge.
What does the company need to do to effectively implement AI and adapt the business model accordingly?

AI could threaten existing business models or make them obsolete. 
How can the company adapt or transform its business models to address this potential threat and remain competitive?

There are often ethical issues associated with the use of AI, such as data privacy or a possible bias of decisions made by AI.
Let´s talk about the challenge to find a balance between the use of AI and ethical considerations.

Participate in an AI Campus:

  • Gain a decisive competitive advantage through knowledge of AI and its applications.
  • Increase efficiency in your business processes through optimal use of AI technologies.
  • Develop innovative business models and strategies and foster innovation in your company.
  • Turn threats into opportunities by adapting and transforming your business to meet AI challenges. 
  • Develop the necessary competencies and skills to deal effectively with AI.
  • Future-proof your business and successfully navigate technological change.

Advantages for your company

Participative learning format

Through a combination of lectures, workshops and hands-on exercises, the AI Campus offers an interactive and dynamic learning format that emphasizes active participation and collaborative learning.

Expert led program

You will be guided by AI experts and forward-thinking innovators who will guide you through the process and help you apply what you learn to your business context.

Best practices and case studies

Instead of theoretical concepts, the AI Campus focuses on concrete use cases of AI in different business areas. You will learn how to use AI effectively to optimize business processes and achieve competitive advantages.

Customized strategy development

We customize the AI Campus to the specific needs and challenges of your company. Based on your business goals and challenges, we jointly develop strategic measures and innovations and concrete action plans for your company.

AI Campus service description

Learn all about our customized program and how the AI Campus can help you increase productivity, stay ahead of fast-moving technologies and future-proof your business model.

In the PDF you can read more about:

  • The content structure of the AI Campus.
  • The benefits and results you can expect from us.
  • The unique expertise and qualification of our AI specialists who will lead the program.

Download the service description PDF now and take the first step towards your company's AI future.

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The AI Campus structure

The AI Campus is designed for two consecutive sprints. Sprint 1 includes modules 1 & 2. Sprint 2 includes modules 3 & 4.

Module 1: AI Discovery

  • Impulses for a systemic culture of innovation
  • The current status and trends of AI technologies
  • Try out AI tools yourself

Module 2: AI Transfer

  • Overview of opportunities and limitations of AI for the development of sustainable business models

  • Transfer of insights from the discovery session with AI Expert to the impact, opportunities and risks for your business areas


Module 3: Ideation

  • Innovation approaches for the operational use of AI in your business units



Module 4: Implementation

  • Derive recommendations for action
  • AI roadmap and action plan

Future-proof your company with AI

Is your company ready to integrate Artificial Intelligence?

Let's talk about your status quo. I look forward to understand your specific needs and how the AI Campus could help you.

Franziska Palmberger, TRENDONE Senior Business Relations Manager

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How AI is changing the corporate world

Current AI technologies are having an impact on almost all business areas across the industry. What new working processes and business models will result from this?


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  • Selected best practices of innovation
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