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Based on our expertise of over 15 years of dedicated innovation work, we are the right people to show what potential is currently available. As an internationally renowned consultancy for strategic questions on the future, we recognize and understand the most relevant trends. We help companies around the world to exploit the potential behind innovations for their own benefit. With our wide-ranging services and digital tools, you will always be given specified ideas and insights for the development of your company. After all, only real innovations will offer you a clear advantage on the market and enable you to create a successful future for your business.

Shaping the future successfully

TRENDONE works with you towards innovative solutions for the future. With expertise, dedication and a trendsetting portfolio of services.

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Trend research & analysis

Innovations with the potential to change markets, industries and the world: TRENDONE identifies, collects and locates change phenomena throughout the trend universe. 16 mega-trends and 106 macro-trends form the DNA of our strategic consulting work.

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Cross-industry thinking

Locating and rethinking existing knowledge: the TRENDONE cross-industry approach expands the horizon to include successful innovations from other industries, identifies recurring patterns and transfers all this to benefit your individual business model.

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Innovation as a competitive advantage

Imagine being able to understand tomorrow’s world right now. TRENDONE provides key knowledge about emerging technologies and influences for pioneering product ideas and new business models. For your strategic benefit in the innovation contest.

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