Trend research for the new Auto Bild Brand Vision 2025+

As part of Auto Bild’s strategic realignment for 2025, TRENDONE was commissioned to undertake some extensive trend research work. In addition to the mobility trends already identified by the editorial department, TRENDONE offered an outside-in perspective and an informed basis for responding to future-related questions about industry convergences, new players on the market, partnerships and target groups.

  • What changes do media companies and publishing houses have to prepare for?
  • What does the future of content publishing look like and how can new target groups be reached?
  • How are people’s lifestyles changing and what influence do new developments have in the tech world?
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory Trendrecherche Auto Bild Brand Vision 2025+

Setting up for the future and helping to shape change

Every week, Auto Bild provides the latest facts, information and stories in the car world. In doing so, the editorial department, sales team and publishing company are increasingly confronted by changes in mobility, the media landscape and the readership. This makes it important to take a look at the near future with regard to the structural and content-related realignment:

  • Analysis of the mobility changes and support for the brand transformation process

  • Trend identification and specific trend evaluation in relevant sectors

  • Definition and derivation of opportunities and risks for the Brand Vision 2025+

TRENDONE Erfolgsstory Auto Bild Mood Branchentrends

Industry situation & trends

Cars are now facing a paradigm shift – and not only because of the types of engines used. Editorial and structural adaptations to the various changes are also required with regard to new mobility concepts and business models, new target groups with different values and expectations, as well as new players from converging industries (such as IT, energy and finance).

Industry leaders Auto Bild and

  • Client: Axel Springer Auto Verlag GmbH
  • Group: Axel Springer SE
  • Industry: Media/Publishing
  • Headquarters: Hamburg
  • Readers/Editions: 2.1 million
  • Unique users/month: 11 million
  • Gross advertising revenues of Auto Bild: €44.8 million (2020)
  • Website:
"Fast, efficient, professional: the trend research approach by TRENDONE highly impressed us in a short space of time, and since then has helped us with our strategically important brand transformation process."
Stephan Fritz, General Manager Auto Bild Group
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory Auto Bild Stephan Fritz, General Manager Auto Bild Gruppe
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory Auto Bild Stephan Fritz, General Manager Auto Bild Gruppe

Procedure and solutions

Identification, evaluation & prioritization of the most relevant changes on the market

TRENDONE Erfolgsstory Auto Bild Trendrecherche

Trend Research

After some turbulent and highly transformative years in the print-publishing sector, the media brands in the field of automotive journalism now face the next wave of transformation – but this time much more related to the content.

Understanding and focus

By way of comprehensive trend research in clearly defined search areas and the joint discussion, evaluation and allocation of the 41 identified trends in the established Trend Radar framework, a clear understanding was generated with regard to the upcoming developments as well as the resulting opportunities and challenges over the next five years in the automotive journalism sector.

TRENDONE Erfolgsstory Auto Bild Trendradar

Change and added value

As part of Auto Bild’s strategic realignment for 2025, the company aims not only to accompany the changes in mobility, but also to help shape them.

Key insights as a central input for Brand Vision 2025+

As a central input for creating the new Auto Bild Brand Vision 2025+, TRENDONE identified the most relevant trends in the four areas of 1. Media, Publishing & Communication, 2. Mobility, 3. Customers and 4. New Technologies. After intense discussions on the total of 41 trends, the trends were evaluated based on their strategic relevance to Auto Bild and aligned to today’s “Know How & Competence Level” at Auto Bild. The generated key insights were taken and transferred into a robust Auto Bild Brand Vision 2025+.

"It was especially also the valuable discussions in the workshops that led to the Sustainable Publishing trend becoming a core component of our new Brand Vision 2025+."
Stephan Fritz, General Manager Auto Bild Group
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory Auto Bild Trend Sustainable Publishing
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory Auto Bild Trend Sustainable Publishing

Setting up for the future

Being future-proof is the key indicator for economic strength in times of ever faster change and enormous global challenges. To be – and remain – innovative is a never-ending task which affects the mid-sized sector in particular.

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector

In cooperation with the BDI, TRENDONE presents the 24 most important trends in 2021+ for the mid-sized sector, as evaluated by mid-sized firms.

  • 153 participants

  • 24 macro-trends

  • 12 industries

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector in PDF format (14,9 MB).

TRENDONE trend radar for the mid-sized sector cover download
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