Future Scenarios

Using alternative futures strategically

Knowing what the future holds: TRENDONE explores possible, plausible and desirable futures for you by developing specific future scenarios. As a link between unpredictable external factors and controllable internal factors, we thus open up areas of opportunity to ensure your future success.

The process of scenario planning is an effective instrument to create or question strategies. With future scenarios from TRENDONE you are best prepared for uncertainties.

Prepare for change with future scenarios

Strengthening resilience by planning with multiple possible futures

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Using uncertainties to find spaces of possibility

There are always more uncertainties than we would like, probably because these uncertainties deviate from our preferred target picture.

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Involving experts, core stakeholders and disruptors

This makes it all the more important to look at alternative futures so that we can prepare for as many uncertainties as possible.

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Research weak signals, trends, and facts & figures

Trends, drivers, and unexpected events interact in multiple ways, leading to endless permutations that produce a variety of plausible futures that expand over time.

Strategic Foresight

Future narratives bring change processes and possible effects into focus.

From the first-person perspective, the future appears rather linear and singular. We like to believe that the future we see as likely will prevail.

In reality, however, there are many possible futures, since the future is not linear but a system of interdependent forces.

Future scenarios for successful strategy work

SEMPERIT anticipates risks and uncertainties with trends and alternative scenarios. Find out how the identification of potential future opportunities serves as valuable orientation points for long-term strategic planning.

Download the Semperit success story: PDF-Download (1,2 MB).


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Exploiting the advantages of scenarios

VISION | FORECAST: Goal-setting function to answer strategic questions and to concretize objectives

STRATEGIC BENEFIT: derive options for action, concretize and evaluate measures and strategies

CLARITY | COMMUNICATION: reduce complexity, promote communication internally and externally, network stakeholders

EXPERIENCE FUTURE: Make futures tangible and test them in open discourse

TRANSFORMATION: Developing openness, questioning the existing, thinking the unthinkable, transforming people and organizations.

Exploring futures with TRENDONE

  • DESIRABLE FUTURES: Working for the future of a century worth living in and successfully addressing global challenges ahead

  • MANAGING UNSECURITY: Supporting decision-making and strengthening organizational resilience with 20 years of expertise in trend and futures research

  • THINKING UNCONVENTIONALLY: Creating states of tension that generate attention and relevance. We open up spaces in thinking and new perspectives for action

  • TRANSFORMING POWER: Our future design approach creates a collective spirit of optimism and enables transformation

  • TREND KNOWLEDGE: Cross-industry and technology expertise and our expert knowledge of generational value shifts, social and cultural change processes

Our approach to scenario planning

Our approach combines rhetorical methods of futurology with methods of strategic design thinking

Connecting the future with the present

With TRENDONE as a link, you create connections between future developments and strategic decisions in the present. Together we look into your future.



Drivers of change

(Mega) Trends

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Exploring changes and opportunities

Future scenarios

Opening spaces of opportunity





Innovation and value proposition

Future-oriented mindset


Ready for your futures?

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