Innovation strategy

For a clear orientation of your future portfolio

Being clear about the strategic orientation enables companies and individuals to focus on their key strengths and resources.

With TRENDONE, you will work out the most important requirements to give you a strong basis for strategic positioning in the future. We will help you to identify future markets early on by exploring the needs, values and problems of tomorrow’s attractive target group segments, developing corresponding value propositions, and creating unrivalled customer benefits.

This is how you will attain clarity about your company’s strategic guidelines and how to implement them efficiently and with the best effects.

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Your added value: orientation and efficiency

We will enable your team to develop an effective strategic vision for your future orientation

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Mission statement

Who do we want to be?

Together, we develop and define a set of corporate guidelines that will cover the company’s internal goal (vision), its promises to customers (mission) and its contribution to the world (purpose).

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Strategic objectives

Where to win?

Strategic objectives and guidelines are mid- to long-term innovation goals that help to transfer the mission statement into a concrete strategy, as well as ambitions for future business areas and markets.

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Innovation projects

How to win?

Strategic initiatives and measures: specific activities for operationalizing the objectives and guidelines with concrete and effective work packages.

Secure lasting corporate success

Corporate foresight with systematic trend and innovation management

TRENDONE innovation strategy transformation

The TRENDONE range of services

  • Innovation Content: Identification of relevant content in order to derive areas of innovation and growth
  • Future Mindset: Internalization of an attitude and innovation culture that are open to the future
  • Innovation Framework: Process and structures for embedding innovations into the organization
TRENDONE Innovationsstrategie Projekt Fraport

Fraport’s challenge

“A vision for innovations within the company” – this is the objective of the multilayered Fraport project, which covered the development of a vision of the future and a way to implement it for Frankfurt Airport.

TRENDONE Strategy Services

Robust, future-related strategy work creates a sustainable orientation and allows efficient action to be taken both in the present and in the future.

- Systematic identification of future possibilities and risks
- Develop and implement mission statements with a powerful message for the future
- Strengthen the willingness to act and generate a mood of optimism

Get to know more about us and download the TRENDONE Strategy Services as a PDF (1.3 MB).

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Clear objectives lead to the right approach

Define your corporate ambition and strategic target map systematically

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Situational analysis

  • Internal analysis of organizational core competencies and current value propositions
  • External analysis of market structures, developments and environment
  • Analysis of future developments using trends and scenarios
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Develop a mission statement

  • Development of strategic lines of action and portfolio options
  • Deriving and formulating the organizational purpose
  • Formulating a company statement with a mission, vision and values
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Innovation strategy

  • Identifying strategic options, deriving and quantifying objectives and growth plans
  • Formulating measures for implementing the innovation strategy
  • Definition of target customers, markets and specific value propositions
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Strategy implementation

  • Communicating strategy and generating ownership
  • Setting up effective organization structures
  • Monitor and control the strategy implementation

What strategic goals do you want to pursue?

Send us a non-binding query. We would be happy to advise you personally and individually on our Strategy Services.

Alexandra Liepe, TRENDONE Head of Business Development Innovation Services

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