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For companies and organizations, the ability to transform is essential in order to be fit for the future and to remain permanently capable of change. TRENDONE supports you in today to make the best possible decisions for the future.

    What trends are there and how do you make them visible internally?

    What does the future hold for your industry/your company?

    How can your company grow in the future?

Strategic consulting with profound future expertise

With TRENDONE you systematically identify the most valuable future opportunities.

Global Scouting Network

Our trend scouting network, based on a combination of experienced analysts and trend scouts, continuously scans cross-industry and globally emerging best practice examples of emerging trend phenomena with the help of innovative research tools.

Systematic trend management

We support you in setting up a holistic trend management process. In doing so, we use trends as an effective tool to help the entire innovation process become more effective. Our digital tools offer the right equipment for this.

Applied futurology

We focus on application-oriented approaches to societal and business challenges. Our methods for identifying, constructing and reflecting on ideas for the future serve to create orientation and decision-making knowledge.

Our network of experts

With our network of industry and future experts, we can also generate in-depth practical knowledge, industry-specific insights, implications and innovation potential for the projects with our customers.


A clear, future-oriented strategy provides orientation and ensures efficient use of resources.

We enable organizations to identify the success factors of tomorrow and pave the way to their unique target position - internally and externally.

We use the future as an orientation-strong reference point to answer the essential strategic core questions with a view to the requirements of the day after tomorrow.

Building on this, we systematically identify and develop future-oriented growth areas in order to be relevant in the markets of tomorrow.



With our systematic foresight work, we answer your questions about the future and initiate transformation processes.

Trends affect industries and companies as social development drivers. With our profound and action-oriented understanding, we answer your specific questions about the future and develop alternative visions of the future for more strategic design space.

The systematic trend management process is the proven workflow for efficient implementation: As a flywheel for successful innovation activity, systematic trend management with its five individually configurable phases maps the entire cycle. From trends to innovations.



A good overview of the trends in your industry is essential for you.

TRENDONE's experienced trend analysts deal with new change phenomena and specific examples of innovation on a daily basis. We make the data available to you in the Trendmanager.

This gives you an overview of cross-industry trend topics. With the help of the trend radar function, you can prioritise trends for your company and make them visible internally.


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