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The basis for systematic trend management

What global trends will set the demands of tomorrow? Which specific trends should your company focus on? The Trend Radar from TRENDONE offers you target-oriented answers.

TRENDONE Foresight Trendradar

Your company-specific Trend Radar

Three steps are all that’s needed to take a multitude of global trends and turn them into a highly individualized, company-specific Trend Radar with a clear focus on the most relevant areas of action.

Early detection of trends

The Trend Radar gives you a cross-industry, panoramic view of all the trends in your business environment. It sharpens your look at the future and help you to avoid any unpleasant surprises by anticipating what lies ahead.

Detecting the emerging trends
Assessing trend developments
Basis for systematic trend management

Company-relevance of trends

How great is the actual influence of individual trends on the company and the business area in which it operates? The Trend Radar displays the relevance factor and therefore enables an early and strategic focus.

Specific trend evaluation
Identification of innovation possibilities
Sensitization to future opportunities

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Action areas for trends

The concrete activities for the following phases of action are then defined, and the trends are integrated into the company’s innovation processes.

Definition of concrete activities
Collective knowledge building

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector

In cooperation with the BDI, TRENDONE presents the 24 most important trends in 2022 for the mid-sized sector, as evaluated by mid-sized firms.

  • 153 participants

  • 24 macro-trends

  • 12 industries

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector in PDF format (14,9 MB).

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Dealing with trends securely

Spotting and monitoring as many trends as possible is no longer enough today. Companies’ real requirements lie much more in the structured and targeted insights gained for your individual business model.

TRENDONE Innovation Advisor Torsten Rehder

The trend experts from TRENDONE permanently monitor the international innovation landscape and filter the signals and developments that are of most importance to the individual business environment. Experienced innovation consultants weigh up the trends and categorize them in a multi-layered grid. While doing so, they constantly focus on your specific company and industry needs. As a result, the Trend Radar from TRENDONE provides a structured image of the innovations that are relevant to you and gives you the necessary security when dealing with trends.

Structured front end of the innovation process

The complexity in the front end is reduced by identifying and structuring the relevant trends. As a result, you gain a clear focus on your options and action areas. The Trend Radar forms the ideal starting point for your systematic innovation work – as the basis for a structured foresight process and as a platform for an interdepartmental, company-wide discourse and transfer of trend knowledge.

Remote Trend Radar interpretation workshops

Understand the voting results and categorise them. Particularly in the case of international teams, company-relevant trends and courses of action are efficiently analysed across the continents and time zones. The tried-and-tested combination of the Teams and Mural online tools enables successful virtual project work in the team. If required, we can combine the benefits of both worlds as part of a customised hybrid workshop.

Remote Trend Radar workshops
TRENDONE Trend Radar

Your Trend Radar – individual even in its presentation

The creation of your company-specific Trend Radar is followed by its targeted presentation including detailed trend profiles and concrete market examples. For the final output medium, choose between the analog presentation as a poster and the digital formats as a PowerPoint report, an interactive website or an app.

Stay focused! The decisive thing for the lasting success of your innovation work is a targeted trend management process, which we will draw up together with you. By regularly updating your Trend Radar, the innovation projects that you derive will also be substantiated.

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