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The Trendmanager is the digital tool for innovation teams.

Fast, systematic and efficient: the Trendmanager innovation software ensures that successful innovation management is no longer left to chance. You will get to see new trends, technologies and potential for disruption in advance, directly spot the innovation opportunities, and then derive recommendations for action. As early as possible, and as precisely as possible.

  • Systematize innovation management
  • Detect and seize unique opportunities
  • Organize the innovation work in the team effectively and visibly
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Digital innovation management with the Trendmanager

Innovation software for identifying and evaluating trends, deriving specific innovation opportunities, and automated monitoring.

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Trend identification

Quickly discover, filter and understand the trailblazing trends and innovations from all industries: the Trendmanager offers innovation teams extensive orientation by way of pre-qualified trend knowledge.

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Trend analysis

The analysis and evaluation of relevant trends is the prerequisite for systematic innovation management. Trend Radars created in the Trendmanager provide orientation and aid decision-making when deriving specific recommendations for action.

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Innovation opportunities

Use the Trendmanager to identify specific innovation areas and share the innovation opportunities derived from them with your team and the rest of the company for greater impact and visibility.

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Use the Trendmanager for the automated, AI-powered monitoring of all relevant trends and trend evaluations, including start-up screening.

“As a central tool, the Trendmanager helps us to generate new ideas, channel the information, as well as supply our strategy process, innovation management and trend community with the latest information and rankings.”
Dr. Norman Ihle, IT Innovation Manager EWE AG
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory EWE Trendmanager Dr. Norman Ihle
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory EWE Trendmanager Dr. Norman Ihle

Strategic innovation work with the Trendmanager

For EWE, the ability to innovate is the basis of the company’s success and future viability. Digital trend management plays an important role in this regard for EWE.

Learn more and download the PDF (1,8 MB).

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Innovation teams work with tools. With the Trendmanager.

Discover the advantages and features of the TRENDONE innovation software.

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For your strategic innovation management

  • Find the right innovation opportunities

  • Use the resources systematically

  • So that innovation success is no longer left to chance

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