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TRENDONE gives you an edge when it comes to trends

What change processes affect your company and your business model? What are the trends that hold opportunities for innovation and potential for the future for you? Our digital tools enable you to identify early the trends that are relevant for your innovation endeavours. TRENDONE gives you guidance in a fast-paced world of trends.

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From ideas for the future to innovation strategies

TRENDONE provides you with innovative digital tools for your own trend work.

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Discover, screen and understand forward-looking trends and worldwide innovations coming from all sectors in the leading innovation database: TRENDONE provides fast, comprehensive guidance with optimally presented trend knowledge.

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Understanding of the future

Put trends into an interdisciplinary context, escape information silos and translate inspiration into targeted ideas for specific future fields: TRENDONE makes sense of topics of the future.

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Ability to act

Successful innovation is also a race against time: TRENDONE increases your ability to act thanks to up-to-the-minute trend content and strategic future scenarios based on it.

Our digital innovation tools

Digital Tools Trendone - Trendmanager


Trendmanager creates the substantive basis for strategically sound innovations.

Digital Tools Trendone - Trendexplorer


The leading innovation database with more than 45,000 identified trends from all sectors. Worldwide.


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