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For a concise picture of the future

What will the future of your company and your business environment look like in 5 or 10 years from now? How will customer behaviour change? Which technologies will be the main drivers of change? And where will new development opportunities lie for your company? Our experienced consultants can draw up an individual Picture of the Future for your company. The TRENDONE Picture of the Future will give you answers to key questions regarding the future.

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Your Picture of the Future

For your Picture of the Future, we examine the future from a variety of angles based on the trends. The combination of the customer’s given perspective and the consideration of changing market structures leads to a concise Picture of the Future with relevant derivations for specific areas of innovation and action. The future topics drawn up in this way form a solid basis for a future-oriented collaboration. Ultimately, these topics strengthen the joint decision-making power of all the stakeholders involved in the innovation process.

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Status quo analysis

The joint analysis of your company and your business environment forms the starting point. The focus here is on the consideration of your product segments, the competitive landscape and your value chain.

Localization of the company
Identification of strategic objectives
Competition analysis

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Relevant trends

What are the trends, technologies and change phenomena that have a relevant influence on your business model, production processes and product range? We identify trendsetting phenomena and work with you apply their change dynamics to your future business.

Industry-specific trend evaluation
Trend projection to structures and processes
Drawing up visions of the future

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Future topics

The integration and consolidation of the status quo and trends culminates in a tangible presentation of your industry and business environment in ten years. You gain a scenario of the future and with it the basis for testing development opportunities and purposefully integrating them into your innovation work.

Deriving areas of action
Initiating concrete measures
Evaluation of key technologies

Your individual workshop solution

Due to the current circumstances, our online workshops for the Picture of the Future are moving into focus more than ever before. We offer you complete flexibility and the choice of organising individual workflows, meetings and workshops or even the entire project online and fully digitally. Together yet physically apart, we will create your Picture of the Future for specific future topics and courses of action.

Virtueller Workshop
Remote Workshop Picture of the Future

Full power towards the future

Use all your resources systematically and purposefully when it comes to preparing your company for future changes. With a concise Picture of the Future for your company, you will create a joint concept and solid foundation for a methodical approach that matches your corporate strategy.

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The workshop project for your concise Picture of the Future

And this is how you will benefit

With a concise Picture of the Future and written documentation of all the content generated in the workshop as output, your Picture of the Future can be communicated throughout the company clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. This will help you to create transparency and security with regard to the development and innovation opportunities that are relevant to the future. Quite simply, the Picture of the Future will make your future more tangible.

What kind of future would you like to make a picture of?

Franziska Palmberger prefers to advise you personally. Please leave us your contact details and initial information on the status quo of your project.

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