Areas of growth

Portfolio diversification by developing new business pillars

The continuous organic and inorganic opening up of new business areas and models is a key strategic future competence of organizations and their management teams.

From value creation to creating new values: Planet Centricity is now shifting into the focus of economic activity. Growth is not purely an economic category, but must be understood as a combination of social, ecological and human aspects.

At the same time, our world is changing at an unprecedented speed. The future is becoming omnipresent, but is also increasingly less predictable. Forward-looking strategy work increases the scope for action and the chances of success.

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Our approach for early identification

Company-specific and future-proof areas of growth

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Competence-based approach

Be stronger tomorrow by building on the competencies you have today

To be successful in the future, we first need to look at the “here and now”. What are your company’s core competencies? How can they be strengthened in the future or used profitably in new areas?

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Scanning early signals

Detect the trend-setting areas of the future early on

We are convinced that major changes always have small beginnings. Our multiple award-winning research method enables an early identification of emerging future opportunities – backed up by real-life examples from today.

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Cross Industry Thinking

Transfer business model patterns

We are not just looking at today and tomorrow, but also to the right and the left. Thanks to our all-encompassing, cross-industry vision, we can spot all the relevant business model patterns and transfer them to new potential business areas.

Identify the areas of growth

We work in collaboration to explore and validate your future business potential in new areas of growth

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  • Five relevant growth areas were worked out
  • Three market-validated concepts were developed for expanding the business area
TRENDONE Wachstumsfelder Projektbeispiel High-Tech-Werkstoffe

Challenges facing high-tech materials

What new growth options are there for the glass business? New growth areas were identified and analyzed for one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of special glass, glass ceramics and other high-tech materials.

Making the most of strategic business potential

Secure your future success by systematically opening up new growth areas

TRENDONE strategy areas of growth three horizons

We will help you and your leadership team to define new strategic business potentials and find ways to implement and develop them.

Incremental improvements, simple changes or pooling of existing products or services.

Far-reaching changes to products and services. The market is ready for this change. The company must update its competencies from top to bottom.

Disruptive change to the products, the business model or the value proposition. The market and company first have to be prepared for the change.

TRENDONE Strategy Services

Robust, future-related strategy work creates a sustainable orientation and allows efficient action to be taken both in the present and in the future.

- Systematic identification of future possibilities and risks
- Develop and implement mission statements with a powerful message for the future
- Strengthen the willingness to act and generate a mood of optimism

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New Business Exploration

New areas of growth are explored and validated based on your strategic competencies and guiding principles

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Status quo

  • Setting strategic goals and guidelines
  • Analysis of competencies as well as an analysis of the business setting with a focus on customers, value chains and competitors
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Areas of growth

  • Trend analysis of conceivable future and growth markets, as well as of innovative market players and business models
  • Analysis, evaluation and selection of promising areas of growth
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Big bets

  • Ideation and definition of potential value propositions and business model approaches
  • Evaluation of the strategic fit, market potential and implementability
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Value propositions

  • Link to the TRENDONE Innovation Accelerator
  • Securing the concepts with a market test
  • Secured business model concepts with detailed business case and implementation plan

What strategic goals do you want to pursue?

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