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Innovation is in our DNA

We believe that, on the way to a successful future, you should think ahead and will have to turn left and look right because what seems to be strange, the otherness, drives sustainable, successful innovation.

Trendone Team

Trend Researcher & Innovation Consultants

We are fascinated by the magic of the future.

Trendone Team - Nils Müller

Nils Müller

CEO & Founder

Trendone Team - Christoph M. Kadereit

Christoph M. Kadereit

Managing Director

Trendone Team - Sebastian Metzner

Sebastian Metzner

Chief Strategy Officer

Trendone Team - Marilena Abt

Marilena Abt

Head of Center of Excellence Consulting

Trendone Team - Torsten Rehder

Torsten Rehder

Trend Supervisor

Trendone Team - Camille Zimmermann

Camille Zimmermann

Director TRENDONE Switzerland

Trendone Team - Sebastian Raßmann

Sebastian Raßmann

Head of Center of Excellence Inspiration

Trendone Team - Alexandra Gorhmann

Alexandra Grohmann

Head of Business Development · Innovation Services

Trendone Team - Claudia Ippen

Claudia Ippen

Head of Operational Sales

Trendone Team - Friederike Wedding

Friederike Wedding

Senior Client Services Manager

Trendone Team - Jana Mielke

Jana Mielke

Senior Client Services Manager

Trendone Team - Kristin Dubiski

Kristin Dubiski

Senior Innovation Advisor

Trendone Team - Astrid Wasitschek

Astrid Wasitschek

Trend Analyst

Trendone Team - Thomas Haubold

Thomas Haubold

Senior Innovation Advisor

Trendone Team - Inga Horstmann

Inga Horstmann

Project Manager

Trendone Team - Isabella Syska

Isabella Syska

Innovation Advisor

Trendone Team - David Baum

David Baum

Innovation Advisor

Trendone Team - Svea Möller

Svea Möller

Innovation Advisor

Trendone Team - Marcel Buchholz

Marcel Buchholz

Client Services Manager

Trendone Team - Catharina Hoyer

Catharina Hoyer

Innovation Advisor

Trendone Team - Tabea Bleckert

Tabea Bleckert

Junior Project Manager

Trendone Team - Peter von Aspern

Peter von Aspern

Director Trend Services

Trendone Team - Isabel Schomburg

Isabel Schomburg

Head of Business Development · Trend Services

Trendone Team - Sandro Megerle

Sandro Megerle

Senior Innovation Analyst

Trendone Team - Sarah Behrens

Sarah Behrens

Senior Product Manager

Trendone Team - Felix Tegeler

Felix Tegeler

Senior Innovation Advisor

Trendone Team - Tobias Munsch

Tobias Munsch

Senior Client Services Manager

Trendone Team - Lara Marie Brueckner

Lara Marie Brückner

Client Services Manager

Trendone Team - Andreas Albert

Andreas Albert

Trend Analyst

Trendone Team - Ricarda Klockmann

Ricarda Klockmann

Junior Product Manager

Trendone Team - Robert Smale

Robert Smale

Junior Art Director

Trendone Team - Johanna Blees

Johanna Blees

Junior Trend Analyst

Trendone Team - Jan-Sebastian Möller

Jan-Sebastian Möller

Digital Marketing Manager

Trendone Team - Claudia Knacke

Claudia Knacke

Senior Marketing Manager

Trendone Team - Nelly Schwarz

Nelly Schwarz

Talent Manager

Trendone Team - Alicia Gavilán-Jimenez

Alicia Gavilán-Jimenez

Office Manager & Personal Assistant

Trendone Team Claudia Ippen

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