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TRENDONE paves the way for your sustainable future strategy

Foresight is the systematic approach in trend and innovation management for recognizing trends, opportunities and challenges at an early stage and proactively preparing for them.

TRENDONE supports you in the challenge of successfully combining trends and change phenomena with your corporate strategy. Together, we analyze the individual starting point of your innovation project and work with you to develop a sustainable, competitive future strategy for your company.

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From trends to innovations

Strategic foresight with TRENDONE - from early identification of trends to strategic alignment and risk management

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Early recognition of trends

Corporate Foresight helps companies to identify trends in their industries, markets and the entire business environment at an early stage. This enables them to prepare for changes and take advantage of opportunities.

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Strategic planning

Based on recognized trends and changing phenomena, companies develop strategic plans to achieve their long-term goals and visions. This can include the development of new products and services, the opening up of new markets or the adaptation of the corporate structure.

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Risk management

Corporate Foresight also helps companies to identify potential risks and threats to their business environment and to develop strategies to minimize risks.

White paper on trend and innovation management

The TRENDONE white paper on trend and innovation management shows how you can successfully establish trend management in your company and lastingly professionalize innovation processes.

PDF download (500 KB).

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"Together with TRENDONE, we were able to establish a structured foresight at SEMPERIT. Alternative scenarios show the future of our industry and enable us to prepare for risks and uncertainties."
Hossein Kharazian, Corporate Development Manager SEMPERIT
Semperit Hossein Kharazian
Semperit Hossein Kharazian
"Developing innovation areas based on the Trend Radar is incredibly helpful for focusing innovation activity. The entire Kardex organisation has a very clear image of which areas we wish to invest our innovation strength in. This results in efficiency and rigour."
Tobias Flury, Head of Technology Kardex Remstar
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory Kardex Remstar - Tobias Flury, CTO
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory Kardex Remstar - Tobias Flury, CTO

Customer projects and success stories

Corporate Foresight is a proactive approach to strategic planning designed to make companies more resilient to uncertainty and change in their environment.

Corporate foresight: methods and instruments

Strategic foresight is particularly important in fast-moving industries and in times of rapid change, as it helps companies to adapt flexibly and be successful in the long term.

Foresight encompasses a variety of methods and techniques that are used to analyze future developments, trends and scenarios.

  • Trend analysis: This method uses historical data and current information to identify and analyze existing trends in various areas. This can form the basis for future predictions and strategies.

  • Scenario analyses create various future scenarios based on different assumptions. These scenarios help organizations to prepare for a variety of possible developments and to develop strategies for coping with different future paths.

  • Roadmapping is a method for developing long-term plans and strategies to achieve a specific goal. It includes the identification of milestones, timelines and resources for implementation.

  • Backcasting: In contrast to forward projection (forecasting), backcasting starts with a desired future goal and works backwards to determine which steps and measures are required to achieve this goal.

The choice of the most appropriate method or technique depends on the individual goals, resources and context of a company or organization.

  • Scenario planning uses scenario analysis to develop plans and strategies for different possible future scenarios. This helps organizations to prepare for different challenges and opportunities.

  • Wild cards and signals from the future: This method involves looking for unexpected events or signs in the present that could indicate future developments. These wild cards can influence the development of scenarios.

  • Technology roadmapping: This method focuses specifically on the development and introduction of technologies. It helps organizations to understand the progress and impact of technologies on their industry and business environment.

  • Horizon scanning: This involves continuously recording and analyzing signals and trends in a company's external environment in order to identify potential risks and opportunities at an early stage.
  • Crowdsourcing and open foresight: These methods involve the involvement of a broad community of experts, employees or the public in order to collect and evaluate ideas and insights about the future.

Take advantage of Corporate Foresight

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Areas of application of Corporate Foresight

TRENDONE supports you in securing your long-term success and adapting to the challenges and opportunities of the global market.

  • Corporate strategy: Corporate foresight can be used in the strategic planning and alignment of a company to ensure that it remains competitive in the long term.
  • Product development: Companies can use corporate foresight to identify trends in product development and innovation and to develop new products or services.
  • Market analysis: By analyzing market trends and customer behavior, companies can improve their marketing and sales strategies.
  • Technology development: In technology-intensive industries, corporate foresight can help identify future technologies and invest in research and development.
  • Risk management: Corporate foresight can help to identify financial and operational risks and develop measures to hedge and minimize these risks.
  • Human resources management: In terms of the world of work, corporate foresight can help to identify future skills requirements and adapt personnel development accordingly.
  • Environment and sustainability: Companies can use corporate foresight to track environmental and sustainability trends and develop sustainable business practices.

Foresight & innovation consulting

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Trend Radar

The basis for systematic trend management

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Picture of the Future

For a concise picture of the future

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Special Research

For customized trend analyses


Innovation Areas

Clear focus for your innovation strategy


Future Scenarios

Using alternative futures strategically

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