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With 17 mega-trends and 120 macro-trends, the TRENDONE Trend Universe features the most relevant change phenomena. The Mega-Trend Map makes the complex and highly dynamic changes visible and easier to understand. Mega-trends offer an insight into which developments will have a lasting influence on society. As dynamic change phenomena, they are also subject to change themselves. This is why the mega-trends are checked for relevance at regular intervals. TRENDONE takes a close look at the latest innovations. Using our permanent 360-degree micro-trend research method, we identify the overriding change phenomena based on all the available evidence.

TRENDONE mega trend map

The 17 Mega-Trends in the Trend Universe

As a framework for trend management, the TRENDONE Trend Universe provides a systematic representation of the transformation-driving mega-trends – starting with Artificial Intelligence (AI), through to Engineered Evolution and Intelligent Infrastructure.

TRENDONE Trenduniversum 2021 Mega-Trend Map AI Artificial Intelligence

Mega-Trend: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications are becoming increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives. Research is advancing at lightning speed. At the same time, the potential dangers associated with AI-based processes are become increasingly clear.

Mega-Trend: Attention Economy

Attention is one of the most important currencies in the 21st century. But it is hard-earned in the age of social media and constant information consumption. Users expect corporate communication to offer genuine added value and clear positioning.

Mega-Trend: Connected World

Social media are the DNA of modern societies. They permeate every aspect of everyday life and are an unstoppable disruptor of cultural and societal processes. The functions of social networks go far beyond communication proper.

Mega-Trend: Conscious Eating

More and more people are very conscious of their diet and the foods they eat. Of concern is not only food preparation and their own eating habits, but, increasingly, moral values as well. The origin of food andtheecological impact of food production are taking centre stage.

Mega-Trend: Consumerism 2.0

Consumers are developing new patterns of behaviour resulting from the emergence of new technologies, demographic change, the use of social media and the desire for a daily life that is balanced yet full of experiences.

Mega-Trend: Data Era

The volume of data being produced daily is growing exponentially. Living things, devices, machines –almost all objects can be recorded and tracked. One of the key challenges is the intelligent use of data. Not only is data security important,so too is the insightful handling of data.

Mega-Trend: Engineered Evolution

Ever since the beginning of its existence, humankind has interfered with the evolution of natural systems. Equipped with the science and technological maturity, we are also going on to advance the evolution of our own body and its biological processes in atailored manner. For example, we are enhancing our natural abilities and senses using technologies.

Mega-Trend: Exponential Industries

Industrial and manufacturing processes are undergoing exponential change. Previously separate industries are becoming drivers of innovation; production processes such as 3D printing are being used in more and more new contexts. At the same time, materials are being manipulated on an atomic scale, giving them new qualities.

Mega-Trend: Future Skillsets

The world of work is undergoing rapid change and radical upheaval. New jobs, methods and models of work require skills and approaches that weren’t covered in education and training. Lifelong learning is essential.

Mega-Trend: Healthstyle

The subject of health is steadily increasing in importance and is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday life. The need for hygiene and cleanliness is also assuming an ever greater presence. It is affecting all aspects of our lives and every industry.

TRENDONE Trenduniversum 2021 Mega-Trend Map Intelligent Infrastructure

Mega-Trend: Intelligent Infrastructure

Extensive technological measures are needed to overcome the challenges facing infrastructure; for example, mobility and energy supply. Advanced network technology is essential for a functioning City OS operating a smart city.

Mega-Trend: Planet Centricity

With a new sense of social awareness of the impact of previous human activities, a great many new innovations are emerging. Based on materials, processes and communication, planet-centric issues cover the entire economic spectrum.

TRENDONE Trenduniversum 2021 Mega-Trend Map Seamless Commerce

Mega-Trend: Seamless Commerce

Competitive pressure in commerce is enormous and is steadily increasing. The competition is not confined to the relationship between online and physical retail. It is also a matter of offering customers the best cross-channel and seamless shopping experience by means of an omnichannel strategy (omnichannel performance). This applies both to convenience and experience shoppers.

TRENDONE Trenduniversum 2021 Mega-Trend Map Smart Surroundings

Mega-Trend: Smart Surroundings

Our environment is hyper-connected and is becoming ever smarter. Both at home (smart home), at work or in the public domain, technologies are being implemented that use sensors to track living things and objects. They generate data in various formats and thus form the basis for a multitude of applications and services.

Mega-Trend: Urbanisation

Worldwide, cities are continuing to grow unabated. They must adapt to the growing needs of their inhabitants and offer attractive, flexible living. But rural living is also becoming more appealing. The upheavals of the Covid-19 pandemic will have a profound impact.

TRENDONE Trenduniversum 2021 Mega-Trend Map Virtualisation

Mega-Trend: Virtualisation

High-performance and versatile input devices, multisensory enhancements and the growing number of cheap, accurate sensors are opening up new possibilities in the virtual world. The demand for and development of technologies is increasing due to the digitisation of analog activities and their remote implementation.

TRENDONE Trenduniversum 2021 Mega-Trend Map Woke Culture

Mega-Trend: Woke Culture

In many western societies, awareness of social injustice is increasing. Consumers themselves are getting involved and are calling for transparency and change. Social diversity and the differing needs of each and every person are getting recognition and being addressed. In the post-demographic world, new standards and challenges are emerging for politics and companies.

The Mega-Trend Map

Trend framework

As an orientation guide, the Trend Universe helps innovation managers to classify and evaluate an increasingly complex world of trends.

Keeping an eye on change

The Trend Universe shows the developments that will have a lasting influence on society. With 17 mega-trends and 119 macro-trends, the most relevant change phenomena are illustrated.

Trend management

Being able to understand the relations and interdependencies between trends and the mega, macro and micro trend levels helps innovation mangers to reduce the complexity of trends.

TRENDONE mega trend map themes

Mega-Trend Map

The high-resolution visualisation of the TRENDONE Trend Universe with explanations and mainstream adoption of the mega-trends.

Whether on the screen or as a print-out, use your favourite topic (in dark or light mode) to dive more deeply into the Trend Universe.

High-resolution Mega-Trend Map (light & dark mode) in PDF format.

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The individual Trend Universe for your company

Trend Universes and Trend Maps reveal all the interdependencies between the most effective mega- and macro-trends. The specific relevance of trends to companies is not always obvious in all cases. For this reason, it is important to individually evaluate the overall relevance of trends and prioritise the most pressing ones.

Integrated into the Trendmanager, the Trend Radar is ideal for this purpose. A Trend Radar makes it possible to customise trend universes and break them down to the company level. The focus is placed on the trends that have both the greatest relevance and the highest degree of maturity. The trends that do not yet have a direct effect but could become more relevant in future for the company, its customers, market, or business setting are positioned further away.

After the general trend orientation with the help of the Trend Universe, the Trend Radar and its individual relevance rating is the second step in professional trend management for innovation managers.

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