Special Research

For customized trend analyses

What does the market environment for defined topic areas look like? Do your innovation projects stand a chance of succeeding or are there already some comparative developments? Our consultants will provide you with a customized overview of the latest best practice examples for specific products and services on both national and international markets. The Special Research from TRENDONE offers concise, individual answers and sets new impulses for your individual search area.

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Exclusive trend scouting

We use our globally active scouting network for your individual search area and research the latest trend phenomena and innovations. You will receive a complete and clear overview in three steps.

International trend screening

We filter the global trend hype for you and identify the strongest signals. Our internationally connected trend analysts show the most effective developments and innovations for your search area.

Individual trend scouting
Focused market and competition analysis
Innovative products, services & marketing ideas


Our experienced trend analysts ensure that the most assertive innovations and the change phenomena with the greatest potential for adaptation are taken into account.

Individual trend filter
High relevance factor
Clear focus

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By analysing the overriding contexts and bringing together the most relevant developments, you will receive a specific image of the current market situation in a compressed format.

Overview of best practice examples
Ability of innovations to assert themselves
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Big Crossing in Tokyo
Trendone Special Research of markets

Your focus is our command. Analysing markets and discovering opportunities.

Whether a product innovation, service or an inspiring look beyond the limits of your own business environment – your individual focus sets the framework for the TRENDONE Special Research. A tailor-made project design allows us to carry out a precise and targeted trend research. For this purpose, our trend analysts work closely with our international research network to identify the latest and most important best practice cases and innovation examples from around the world. And we do so across all industries – customized trend scouting from TRENDONE for your individual search area.

Gaining new perspectives with the cross-industry approach

Change processes are getting visibly faster, markets and players are in a state of constant upheaval, and industry boundaries are disappearing. A Special Research helps you to keep an overview of what is going on and allows you to react in good time to the relevant market developments. By acquiring a good portion of specialized advance knowledge, our Special Research will allow you to identify market potentials and innovation opportunities beyond the confines of your own industry and use them for your strategic innovation work. A Special Research is therefore the ideal foundation for developing new product ideas and business models.


micro-trends in our database and up to 250 new innovations per month

Microtrend sector analysis - Special research

Trend phenomena relevant to your company

Our experienced analysts assign the best practice cases and the separate innovation examples at micro-trend level identified as part of the individual search area to the overriding trend phenomena and locate their relevance. At this highly significant macro-trend level, the Special Research clarifies the concrete and individual implications of the relevant trend phenomena on companies and their industry environment.

Which trends would you like us to discover for you?

Send us a non-binding enquiry. We would be happy to consult you in person and on an individual basis for your Special Research. Take the first step towards individual trend scouting.

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Trend-based innovation consulting

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Trend Radar

The basis for systematic trend management

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Picture of the Future

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