Future scenarios for successful strategy work

SEMPERIT anticipates risks and uncertainties with trends and alternative scenarios

SEMPERIT has decided to develop a structured foresight in order to play a pioneering role in the in the systematic identification and utilization of future opportunities in the industry for integrated elastomer systems and solutions. This goes hand in hand with the best possible protection against disruptive waves in this sector.

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Strengthening future viability with corporate foresight

  • Acting with foresight, simulating and effectively countering risks and uncertainties

  • Strategic foresight for the identification of future opportunities

  • Establish future relevant thinking among

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Thinking about Innovation, the environment and new business areas as one

Changing lifestyles, environmentally conscious consumers and new customer needs require specialized and sophisticated solutions in an ever shorter time. This is creating new markets and business areas for SEMPERIT.

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Global manufacturer of industrial polymer products and solutions

  • Client: Semperit
  • Sector: Rubber and plastics industry
  • Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
  • Employees: approx. 6.500
  • Production sites: 16
  • Sales: around EUR 780 million (2022, continuing operations)
  • Website: www.semperitgroup.com
Together with TRENDONE, we at SEMPERIT were able to establish a structured foresight. Alternative scenarios show the future of our industry and enable us to prepare for risks and uncertainties.
Hossein Kharazian, Corporate Development Manager SEMPERIT
Semperit Hossein Kharazian
Semperit Hossein Kharazian

Future scenarios for successful strategy work

Future viability is the key to long-term success for companies and organizations. SEMPERIT raises awareness of external factors, their interaction and their impact on the future.

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The development of alternative future scenarios in practice

No one can predict the future, but with a futurist's toolbox we can explore possible, plausible and desirable futures

System analysis

Identification of external factors in the form of (mega) trends with possible effects on the future of the domain by means of a system/value chain analysis. Assessment of the (un)certainty and influence of the individual trends on SEMPERIT.

Future table

Investigation of the possible consequences of trends with relevant uncertainties by means of future radars as well as identifying the extremes and listing them in a future table.

Scenario framework

Determination of the most important uncertainty drivers, Identification of the premise/presupposition, assumptions and drivers and core concept of the scenarios.


Identification of the effects that the scenarios will have on the industry and deriving possible tactics and tactics and recommendations for action for SEMPERIT.

Project successes and prospects

Strengthening the company in dealing with volatility, complexity and unclear prospects in the present and future is of central importance in order to strengthen resilience and future sustainably

TRENDONE Future Cone

Using corporate foresight strategically

SEMPERIT is preparing even more intensively for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. The further strengthening of our own future viability goes hand in hand with the systematic observation of change processes and the potential effects. Thanks to the strategic foresight implemented together with TRENDONE, SEMPERIT is now in an even better position to prepare for possible futures.

Semperit team

Involvement of 20+ employees

The strong commitment of the stakeholders and the personal, individual onboarding of all participants led to a smooth process in which participants trained their future thinking and developed future competence.

The open character of the workshop and the tireless contribution of the employees led to a high degree of level of participation and commitment.

Are you ready for your possible futures?

Experience the future, use it strategically and manage uncertainties - use the advantages of scenarios for your future success.

With TRENDONE as a link, you create connections between future developments and strategic decisions in the present. Together we look into your future.

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