Success story

Shaping the Future of Learning

The Additive Minds Academy AMAC from EOS GmbH boasts invaluable expertise in the field of industrial 3D printing and uses it to provide comprehensive training on additive manufacturing.

Using the Picture of the Future format, we worked both for and with AMAC to find out which trends will accelerate the “future of learning” and which technological drivers will be decisive for this.

Our consultation service focused on two search areas: technology-specific knowledge management and technology-specific knowledge transfer.

Scope of project

  • Special research work in the field of “Learning” with a technology-specific focus
  • Conceptual design, planning & moderation of the two-day workshop (remote) incl. a tech onboarding session about tools in advance
  • Holding the virtual workshops in MURAL and ZOOM
  • Link-up to Trendsketcher and feedback loops for finalising the “Future Learning Journey 2030”

Customer quote

Employer Curated Content as a mind changer

In the next 10 years, everything to do with the subject of learning will probably be disrupted: the people, the technologies and the forms of behaviour. After founding its Additive Minds Academy in 2020, EOS GmbH really has its fingers on the pulse of modern times. The company deals with trends & innovations actively and openly. The commissioned Picture of the Future not only brought macro-trends to light that the Academy had not yet been able to name. The project placed the emphasis on the multi-faceted future of learning, focusing on three extremely exciting topics: employer curated content as a mind changer for all employees of a learning organisation, the pulling power of wearables as a key technology, and integrated coaching as a natural part of every employee’s working life in the future.

The Picture of the Future’s added value

Beispielhafter Ausschnitt des Picture of the Future
  1. Content → Its contents are highly informative.
  2. Commitment → Working with trends connects all the participants.
  3. Focus → Workshop teams get to envision the future much more clearly.
  4. Neutrality → Development opportunities are rated from a neutral perspective.
  5. Basis → Strategies can be defined from the bottom up.
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