Strategic innovation work with the Trendmanager

EWE has integrated a digital trend management tool in the shape of the TRENDONE Trend Manager for pooling trend knowledge and using it collaboratively for the corporate strategy.

The EWE Group faces enormous challenges when it comes to providing the best solutions for its customers in the fields of energy, telecommunications and information technology.

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Trendmanager as a central tool for trend work

  • Systematic development of Group-wide trend management

  • Corporate foresight of 5-10 years for strategic future-related topics and the alignment of innovation and strategy activities

  • Collaborative trend and innovation work with the in-house EWE trend community

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Industry situation and transformation

Energy revolution and climate protection, smart grids and digitalization are the buzzwords of the transformation, behind which there are so many technological innovations.

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Fifth largest energy supplier in Germany

  • Industry: Energy, telecommunications and information technology
  • Headquarters: Oldenburg
  • Electricity: Approx. 1.4 million households
  • Gas: approx. 700,000 households
  • Telecommunications: Approx. 700,000 households
  • Employees: 9,100+
  • Annual turnover: €5.6 billion (2020)
  • Website:

The Trendmanager in business practice

EWE makes content, evaluations and projects available in the Trendmanager centrally and transparently. The consolidated trend knowledge is beneficial to strategy and business development, but is also available to all employees.

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Mega-trends and macro-trends show the most relevant change phenomena. For independent trend research, the interactive innovation database in the Trendmanager includes 50,000+ trends and best practice examples from all industries.

TRENDONE Erfolgsstory EWE Trendmanager SCR Trendradar

Trend Radar

EWE works across all business units with various Trend Radar clusters that are created in the Trendmanager and where the trends’ relevance is evaluated internally: “Company & Brand”, “Data & IT” and “Energy & Infrastructure”.

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Innovation areas

With the definition of the innovation areas, EWE focuses on the topics and action areas with the greatest potential for the future within the Trend Radar cluster.

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Innovation projects

Thanks to the central and transparent representation of the trend projects in the Trendmanager, collaborative work with trends and innovation projects becomes the norm.

“As a central tool, the Trendmanager helps us to generate new ideas, channel the information, as well as supply our strategy process, innovation management and trend community with the latest information and rankings.”
Dr. Norman Ihle, IT Innovation Manager EWE AG
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory EWE Trendmanager Dr. Norman Ihle
TRENDONE Erfolgsstory EWE Trendmanager Dr. Norman Ihle

Strategic innovation work with the Trendmanager

For EWE, the ability to innovate is the basis of the company’s success and future viability. Digital trend management plays an important role in this regard for EWE.

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Services and solutions

To be able to identify possible futures and prepare for them in a structured way, EWE uses the Trendmanager from TRENDONE as a central tool for trend work and as an information platform.

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Implementation of a digital innovation tool

EWE has successfully completed the integration of the TRENDONE Trendmanager as a digital tool for use throughout the Group. With 350 active accounts, the inter-department work with trends and innovation projects has arrived at the heart of the Group.

The transparency and internal visibility of EWE’s innovation work developed even further with the Trendmanager, which, in turn, has had positive effects on the use of the tool and the personal engagement of employees.

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Development of an in-house trend community

The internally organized and voluntary EWE trend community offers employees an online space for communication, sparring and ideation. With their independent responsibility for control, the Group’s entire organization culture has improved.

With more than 300 Group-wide employees, the in-house EWE trend community forms a comprehensive network that is used specifically for communication and trend evaluation.

Carina Hechler, Senior Business Relations Manager TRENDONE

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