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Next generation tablet production: 3D Printing

Merck is a leading science and technology company. More than 57,000 employees in 66 countries work on solutions and new technologies for Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials.

When the 3D printing trend emerged a few years ago, Merck was quick to focus on this novel technology. In order to find opportunities and possibilities for its use, TRENDONE brought visionary impulses from the field of additive manufacturing to Merck in a cross-divisional workshop.

Additive production of tablets

TRENDONE researched 3D printing trends and novel approaches to process and product innovation for the workshop participants from various divisions and countries. The participants were inspired by trends in the Gallery Walk. Thanks to the What If methodology used, the participants developed a good understanding of the innovative micro-trends and were able to adapt them for Merck in a short time.

TRENDONE acted as an inspiring input provider throughout the entire idea process. The aim was to identify the opportunities of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology for Merck and to further support the open innovation culture. The result was an innovation project led by Christoph Hüls that focused on the development of a 3D printing solution that significantly simplifies tablet production and leads to cost and time savings during clinical development.

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Exemplary inspiration for the workshop

Workshop Merck, 2016
Workshop Merck, 2016
Workshop Merck, 2016
"Above all, innovation requires a profound foresight. TRENDONE provided us with decisive, forward-looking impulses."
Dr. Christoph Hüls - Founder Additive Manufacturing of Tablets
TRENDONE Lara Brückner, Business Relations Manager

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