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Customized Osram Trend Radar

At OSRAM Licht AG, transformation processes are omnipresent. The transition from traditional lamp technology to LED represents a fundamental technological change, while digitization and connectivity are creating new markets and business models.
It is more of a challenge for our traditional company to open up innovative lines of business. The focus at OSRAM is on the development of the digital business and the production of LED & sensor technology components. Whereas component technology was once a key success factor in the lighting business, it is now increasingly the targeted valorization of new applications in the field of photonics. For this reason, it is mostly market developments and application scenarios that have most influence on trend scouting and foresighting at Osram today.

New Trends - New Services

Trends break up existing structures

The detailed Trend Radar report contained topics that were customized for Osram and were supplemented by the various opportunities and challenges for the company. True to the “Act - Prepare - Watch” layers in the Trend Radar, short-term trends were differentiated from the long-term ones in order to portray the complexity of the information in a way that everyone can understand. It was important to Osram to get some concrete implications from the trend analysts.

Transferring the information into the organisation and defining its subsequent use is still a challenge for Osram. We recommend an open innovation culture and encourage regular exchanges with other companies.

Our contribution

  • Special research in the digitization field
  • Description of 76 trend topics with best practice examples
  • 313-page Trend Radar text
  • Planning & moderation of an interpretation workshop
"The development of our digital business is in full swing. The Trend Radar clearly shows us what opportunities we have in the future."
Dr. Norbert Linder - Director Trendscouting & Foresighting
"We have discovered the "Space as a Service" trend for ourselves. Rooms that are offered on a service basis require individual lighting equipment. This has an impact on our offer."
Dr. Norbert Linder - Director Trendscouting & Foresighting
"The individuality and density of the trend radar convinced us."
Dr. Norbert Linder - Director Trendscouting & Foresighting
TRENDONE Lara Brückner, Business Relations Manager

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