Mega-Trend Shy Tech

Megatrend: Shy Tech

High Tech has become Shy Tech, which worksquietly in the background. Complicated devices with switches, cables andbuttons are being replaced by intuitive interaction interfaces. The only thingthat remains visible is the immediately accessible feature. This technology isintegrating itself into our everyday objects. Surfaces are becoming userinterfaces that enter into our surroundings. This is made possible mainly dueto the continuous miniaturization of technical components, wirelesstransmission possibilities and flexible electronics. Intuitive operability,such as voice, gesture and thought control, also contributes to a more naturalinteraction with technology. The Shy Tech solutions lead to the disappearanceof any barriers when switching between different media formats or features.Instead, content can be consumed seamlessly on a variety of devices andproducts adapt to specific usage situations. The next step will see theemergence of intelligent environments in which devices and sensors areconnected to each other. Technology is acquiring the art of empathy andlearning to meet our needs and preferences. Digital agents remember things onour behalf and help to organise our daily lives. Thanks to Shy Tech, therelationship between people and technology is being rewritten. After all, it istechnology that adapts to people and not the other way round.

These are the macro-trends of the Shy Tech:


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