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Mega-trends are world-changing direction pointers

Mega-trends describe long-term changes to the structure of society and technology. They last for 10 years. The transformational power of mega-trends is so prolonged and far-reaching that they touch upon all aspects of life. Mega-trends not only change individual products and organisations, but also have a lasting effect on entire markets and political systems. Mega-trends are the established navigational instrument in an accelerated world of change.

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At TRENDONE, we substantiate the mega-trends and make them easier for companies to grasp – from the various aspects and consequences of a mega-trend, through to concrete innovations from different industries.
Peter von Aspern, Director Trend Services, TRENDONE Hamburg
TRENDONE Director Trend Services Peter von Aspern
TRENDONE Director Trend Services Peter von Aspern
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The Trend Universe with mega- and macro-trends shows a 360-degree perspective of the world of change. Some mega-trends are driven mainly by technological developments and progress, while others are more influenced by changes in society.

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How many mega-trends and example of them are there currently?

The new Trend Universe from TRENDONE comprises 17 mega-trends as well as their related macro-trends, covering the relevant interactions and change phenomena. No mega-trend stands by itself or is independent of other developments. The mega-trends are not isolated, but are always mutually dependent.

Mega-trends with a technological orientation are mainly driven by technological progress:

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Era, Engineered Evolution, Exponential Industries, Intelligent Infrastructure, Smart Surroundings, Virtualisation

Mega-trends with a social orientation are mainly driven by social change phenomena and societal developments:

Attention Economy, Conscious Eating, Consumerism 2.0, Future Skillsets, Healthstyle, Planet Centricity, Woke Culture

Mega-Trends with a mixed orientation:

Connected World, Seamless Commerce, Urbanisation

How do mega-trends differ from other types of trends?

A look at the different types of trends and their interactions makes it clear how the micro-, macro- and mega-trends relate to each other and have an effect on society at large. Major change processes have small beginnings.

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With the help of our trend scouts, we identify micro-trends in all industries. Taking the form of concrete best practice innovations, micro-trends are the first signals that already exist now and they point to developments in the future.

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Our analysts evaluate the micro-trends. They then use patterns to cluster them in order to be able to derive the overriding change phenomena from them - the so-called macro-trends.

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The identified macro-trends can, in turn, be assigned to so-called mega-trends. These mega-trends describe structural changes to society and influence all aspects of the society in which we live.

Working with mega-trends

Which mega- and macro-trends really are relevant for your organisation? How are trends individually evaluated and what criteria are important in doing so? For answers to these questions and to find out how strategic work with trends can succeed over the long term, check out our handout – the Mega-Trend Guide.

Download Mega-Trend-Guide

Understanding trends in their context. Use this guide to consider the question of which trends have the greatest influence on your organisation.

Handout in PDF format (3,7 MB).

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Discover all mega-trends in the Trendexplorer

Discover all the trends and connections of the new Trend Universe in the Trendexplorer for better collaboration:

  • 17 mega-trends
  • 109 macro-trends
  • 45.000 micro-trends
  • All industries
  • Free test for 7 days
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