What must the D-A-CH region do to become an innovation driver?

In the global competition for the markets of the future, the gap between DACH, USA and China is getting bigger. How can companies in the DACH region address this development? What is required to keep up with the field? To find answers to these questions, TRENDONE conducted a cross-industry, qualitative survey of 45 companies in the DACH region on innovation drivers for 2021 and beyond.

Important results of the survey

Innovation drivers of growing importance are cross-industry and crosscompany innovation partnerships together with the joint development of business eco-systems. TRENDONE CEO Nils Müller presents some of the key findings from the survey.

Executive Summary - Innovation Drivers 2021+

How can companies become innovation drivers? This “Innovation Drivers 2021+” Executive Summary provides an insight into the innovation dynamics and developments in the DACH region.

Executive Summary in PDF format (1 MB).

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