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TRENDONE Macro-Trend Employee Empowerment

New Macro-Trend: Employee Empowerment

Companies will give well-trained employees plenty of space to act as a result of demographic changes and growing digitalization demands.

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TRENDONE Macro-Trend Regeneration Biodiversity

New Macro-Trend: Regeneration & Biodiversity

Political players, society at large and companies are increasingly recognizing the fact that merely causing less damage is no longer enough. We need the positive effects of regeneration: the restoration of ecosystems, protection of biodiversity and reversal of inequality and injustice.

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TRENDONE Macro-Trend Employee Responsible Media

New Macro-Trend: Responsible Media

Hate speech and cyberbullying cause many media users to feel fear and anger, while disinformation campaigns can destabilize societies. Social media in particular must face up to their social responsibilities and find effective tools to fight the spread of illegal content.

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TRENDONE Macro-Trend Higher Society

New Macro-Trend: Higher Society

The pleasure of getting high is almost as old as humanity itself. People in different eras, countries and cultures have consumed psychoactive herbs, mushrooms, plants and roots – as a remedy, for spiritual reasons or for pleasure.

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Trend identification and continuous monitoring

The trend experts from TRENDONE present you with four macro-trends which represent relevant developments that your company should react to and prepare for.

Future Skillset

Macro-Trend: Employee Empowerment

There is a continuing short supply of employees. When it comes to recruiting, flexibility and additional services, companies increasingly have to focus on the needs of their workforce if they want to find and keep good employees. Inclusion is also a way to reach more potential employees and emerging talent.

Full consideration of the employee journey

Companies can now no longer rely on recruiting ideally trained applicants straight from the education system. The future will be much more about skills and potential rather than qualifications – the necessary specialist knowledge will be taught via on-the-job training and targeted further training courses. Employees will be recruited in the places where they spend their time – in social media, the metaverse or on Discord.

Humanization of the workplace

The corona pandemic has made it totally normal to work from home. Flexible working times that enable reduced hours for parents, carers and people working in honorary positions show that companies integrate their employees into their organizations as fully rounded human beings. Job-sharing models, nuanced career options and inclusive employment are becoming the norm.

TRENDONE Macro-Trend Employee Empowerment


1. Demographic Change: In Europe in particular, considerably more people will soon be retiring than entering the labor market.

2. Digitalization & AI: More and more skilled workers will be needed who can implement and adapt digital solutions.

3. Decarbonization: Making industry more sustainable and switching to renewable energies will require new skilled workers, on the one hand, and put an end to certain jobs, on the other. There is a great reskilling potential for employees here.

Planet Centricity

Macro-Trend: Regeneration & Biodiversity

Unlike with climate change, biodiversity is not much of an issue for most companies at the moment. However, global warming and the loss of ecological diversity are two environmental disasters that cannot be solved separately. Only healthy eco-systems can make a long-term contribution to climate protection.

Sustainability is not enough

The concept of regeneration goes one step further than sustainability and involves active restoration and care, so that eco-systems can thrive (again). This more holistic view contains, for example, the depaving of surfaces, the reuse of native plant species and the consistent reduction of negative impacts on the environment in all sectors.

Biodiversity as the basis of our economy

The decline of species diversity is already taking its toll on the quality of food and raw materials like wood. Companies are still trying to work out what effects this might have on their business. According to a study by BCG and NABU, biodiversity provides more than $170 trillion of eco-system services per year – in addition to their own value. Particularly in the fields of construction, urban planning and agriculture, there is great potential for promoting biodiversity through the use of regenerative methods.

TRENDONE Macro-Trend Regeneration Biodiversity

Challenges & Opportunities

Challenges Food & Beverages
As a result of population growth, food production must be increased by 70% by 2050. At the same time, there is a decrease in freshwater resources and the amount of space that can be used for agriculture.

Opportunities Food & Beverages
Besides the benefits for the planet, regenerative agriculture techniques nourish the soil and create a soil microbiome. Better soil quality is not only good for plants, but also leads to healthier food.

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Connected World

Macro-Trend: Responsible Media

Social media and search engines are part of the basic supply of information. They are caught up in a conflict area between business interests with interaction-focused algorithms, on the one hand, and the obligation to be transparent and comply with the law, on the other.


In times of crisis, half-truths and propaganda – that are spread intentionally or unintentionally for different reasons – meet with great resonance. This is favored by recipients often finding it difficult to know what the facts are due to the information overload and their lack of media skills. To counteract hate speech and disinformation campaigns, many governments want to regulate media platforms more strictly and hold them accountable.


Digital media channels use technical solutions to detect and remove illegal content, and to ensure a more acceptable user experience. Tools for fact checks, community management, AI for detecting hate speech and deep fakes are just as much a part of that as filter features for users’ news feeds. Start-ups provide apps and plug-ins so that users can protect themselves from toxic content and report it. Digital safe spaces for certain groups restrict the access criteria and focus on stricter community rules.

TRENDONE Macro-Trend Employee Responsible Media


1. State Security Interests
The media in general and social media in particular are becoming the targets of disinformation campaigns from both domestic and foreign sources. Authorities and institutions use stricter regulations to pursue the goal of putting a stop to this. In this way, they seek to maintain peace in society, as well as protect internal security and the political system.

2. Ethical Brands
Media companies that promote emotionalization, shock and polarization for economic reasons, while turning a blind eye to hate speech and disinformation, discredit themselves in the eyes of socially responsible enterprises. They risk the latter no longer using them or advertising on their platform.

3. Media Fatigue
Information overload, doomscrolling and toxic content lead to mistrust and media fatigue among recipients. Many people try to escape this by avoiding media use, going on a digital detox or using media channels that promote constructive news and friendly interactions.

Consumerism 2.0

Macro-Trend: Higher Society

The consumption of plant-based and synthetic intoxicants is growing and there are various reasons for this: cultural acceptance, legalization and availability, “the overextended self”, the search for meaning, spirituality and self-optimization.

The green rush

Legalization and the pandemic have strengthened cannabis consumption. THC-based drugs have been prescribed for years to soothe the symptoms of cancer, for example. The decriminalization of cannabis has led to a boom in CBD-based wellness products as well as to the emergence of stylish stores and D2C brands with their own target groups. For a growing community of recreational consumers, using cannabis has become part of their lifestyle. They are helping to put an end to stoner stereotypes and establish a new cannabis culture right in the center of society.

Renaissance of psychedelics

Medical research into psychedelics such as psilocybin, LSD, ketamine and MDMA is experiencing a revival. Research results show that small doses of psychoactive substances like psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and LSD (microdosing) can not only help against depression, anxiety, PTSD and pain, but also contribute to more vitality, productivity and creativity.

TRENDONE Macro-Trend Higher Society

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