The key trends for 2022

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector

Being future-proof is the key indicator for economic strength in times of ever faster change and enormous global challenges. To be – and remain – innovative is a never-ending task which affects the mid-sized sector in particular. The corona pandemic sent shock waves through the entire business sphere and, in turn, it has created new instabilities that have to be dealt with.

In general terms, we characterise the mid-sized sector in the D-A-CH region as being highly adaptable, agile on the inside and cooperative on the outside. Internationally renowned brands, hidden champions and multigenerational family companies are proof of product quality and the successful combination of tradition and expertise.

With the Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector, TRENDONE in cooperation with the BDI offers a data-based answer to the question on the most relevant trends for 2022.

From the mid-sized sector for the mid-sized sector

In partnership with the Federation of German Industries (BDI), TRENDONE presents the results of the extensive trend survey in the mid-sized sector.

153 trend evaluations

Over 150 innovation managers from German-speaking mid-sized firms submitted their assessments as part of an extensive trend survey.

24 macro-trends

24 macro-trends were evaluated according to their influence on companies, the timeframe for their mainstream adoption in the industries, and the level of expertise in the company.

12 industries represented

Current opinion in July 2021 is shaped by 153 participants from 12 industries mainly with technology-savvy companies and business models.

The most relevant trends for 2022

The Trend Radar is one of the most important instruments for effectiveness in the innovation process. It answers the question on which trends a company should and must focus on in the future.

TRENDONE Trendradar Mittelstand

The results of the trend evaluation are presented based on the Trend Radar logic of “Act-Prepare-Watch”. This enables the Trend Radar to create a sense of orientation and show users how to proceed with the trends in the context of their own companies.

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector is the basis for the development of innovation areas and it serves as an internal and external communication tool.

The most important mid-sized sector trends were evaluated based on their influence on the respective company and the assessment of mainstream adoption. The macro-trends highlighted as Act trends represent the topics with the greatest relevance for action.

The top evaluations

The socially and economically policy-making topic of sustainability stands above all the trends and all players must adapt to it. The topic of digitalisation leads the way among the mega-trends.

TRENDONE trend radar for the mid-sized sector digitalisation


is the most important mega-trend.

Digitalisation trends still enjoy a position of unchallenged value for mid-sized firms in the D-A-CH region.

TRENDONE trend radar for the mid-sized sector cybersecurity


is the most highly rated macro-trend.

When it comes to cybersecurity, all signs point towards Act among most mid-sized firms in Germany.

TRENDONE trend radar for the mid-sized sector circular economy

Circular Economy

is rated as most influential by all four sustainability trends.

The potential of the Circular Economy is particularly high in the most energy-intense industries.

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector

In cooperation with the BDI, TRENDONE presents the 24 most important trends in 2021+ for the mid-sized sector, as evaluated by mid-sized firms.

  • 153 participants

  • 24 macro-trends

  • 12 industries

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector in PDF format (14,9 MB).

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Next steps

Use the Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector as a basis for strategic trend monitoring in your company.

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