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The evolution of our mobility

In the multi-mobile age, we are now more mobile than ever before. Based on a continuously growing number of innovative mobility forms, different means of transport are used according to the particular mobility need. The individual mobility chain ranges widely, from private forms of transport like the car and e-bike, to public transport by bus and train, through to shared options including car-sharing, taxi alternatives, rental bikes and e-scooters. New types of individual transport, movement of goods, as well as transport and logistics are emerging as part of the answers to the challenges of our times. On the way towards a post-carbon society, smart multi-mobility is always automated, connected and shared.

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The multi-mobile future has already begun

The development of new mobility concepts has far-reaching effects on our lives, work and business world. The accompanying changes to entire industries in the context of individualisation and digitisation quickly create new market structures and business models for the topic of mobility and logistics.

Changed mobility behaviour, visible changes to values and new user types

Mobility trends address new mobility needs – or initiate them – and radically change our form of transport, the value of ownership and the definition of status symbols. In urban areas at least, having your own car is out, as sharing and pooling models in relation to e-mobility have taken over. Whether it’s autonomous mobility, air taxis with a fuel cell or just the completely motorless versions of local transport – we have the choice.

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Smart mobility is about to break through

Digitisation has fundamentally changed our mobility and mobility behaviour. They cannot be separated from each other, however, because data availability is the pre-condition for new mobility services. Both comprehensive mobile networking and the use of user-generated mobility data have paved the way for innovative information and services in the mobility sector.

The new mobile communications standard 5G will redefine the future of mobility and logistics once again. 5G is supposed to help smart mobility to make its breakthrough as a large number of applications, such as the communication between autonomous vehicles, the real-time tracking of goods transport and traffic control in smart cities, build on the possibilities of a new mobile generation.

Platform business solutions bring together a range of mobility services and payment features. The example of the Smart Columbus travel app from Ohio, USA, shows that cities can also successfully set up and operate such platforms for mobility as a service (Maas).

Goods logistics as the global economy’s operating system

The supply chain of the future will boast a high degree of automation.

A robust logistics network is developing in the interaction between autonomous logistics units on various transport modes, smart control software, robot-assisted warehouse technology and the order picking of goods. Driverless transport systems that range from smart logistics and utility vehicle robots through to the hyperloop high-speed rail freight network form the technological backbone of innovative materials management and stable supply chains.

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