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Nils Müller

Spectacular keynotes, pioneering journeys into the future and always well ahead of our times: Nils Müller is a future visionary and, with over 700 keynotes on international stages, one of the most experienced and versatile inspiration speakers in the entire future industry. Join him on an exceptional and interactive expedition into the future. Next stop: 2030.

Trendone speaker Nils Müller on stage

Futurist and future expert

Nils Müller is the CEO of TRENDONE, which he founded in 2002 and has managed ever since. As the market leader for trend research & innovation consulting in German-speaking countries, TRENDONE defines today’s standards for targeted future orientation in a rapidly developing world, with a view on markets, industries and societies. With the help of the globally active network “LaFutura”, Nils Müller brings together leading futurists and visionaries at an international level. Nils sets enthralling standards for multimedia-based journeys into the future with active audience participation with his “Journey into the Future” as well as his latest storylines "How Generative AI will transform your business" und "Welcome to the Metaverse".

Generative AI Keynote

Generative Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting and transformative technologies of our time. It has the potential to transform the labour of one person into the productivity of ten. Natural communication can be used to generate complex text, stunning images and program code. And that's just the beginning.

Generative AI: How it will transform your business

Learn from actual examples how companies can already use generative AI today and which opportunities arise for the future - from less effort and costs in services to the optimization and automation of processes.

Discover the possibilities for developing new business models and finding new ways to connect with customers.

Experience the future of human-machine collaboration at first hand

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Keynote speech on the “Innovation Leaders 2024” study

The seven levers for your innovation success

Every year, TRENDONE publishes the “Innovation Leaders” study, based on over 50 interviews with innovation experts. In this keynote, Nils Müller presents the essentials of these interviews and answers the question: Which 7 levers characterize innovation leaders?

In the answers from over 50 innovation experts, we have identified seven mindsets that innovation leaders should internalize and master in order to lead your company safely into the future.
Are you an innovation expert? Then let us show you in this presentation what it takes to be successful in the future.

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"The Innovation Leader Study 2024, but also the discussions in the evening, have shown how important it is to put people at the center of innovation. Technologies open up many opportunities, but the first step must always be to take people with you, to inspire and empower them."
Sven Tollmien, Principal Corporate Innovation Telefónica Germany
"Transformation means taking people with us on the journey. Innovations can only succeed if we get people in the company excited about them and communicate the issues transparently."
Ralf Gernhold, CTO DB Fernverkehr
“We now need the right framework conditions and courageous people to drive innovation forward so that we can solve the major challenges of our time.”
Christian Hoste, Managing Director PMMG Group
"Artificial intelligence is the game changer - and we are currently leaving the field to China and the USA. Yet we have excellent developers and hidden champions in Germany who could also play a leading role here."

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“The new dimension of keynotes: interactive – visionary – multimedia! Thank you for the fantastic presentation!”
Peter Ottmann. NürnbergMesse GmbH (Foto: Urheber: NürnbergMesse / Jan Scheutzow)
Peter Ottmann Nürnberg Messe
Peter Ottmann Nürnberg Messe
“Hardly anyone embodies the future like Nils Müller. Innovative, thrilling, visionary. Thank you so much for your keynote.”
Franz-Friedrich Müller, CEO of MARKANT AG
Franz Friedrich Müller MARKANT AG
Franz Friedrich Müller MARKANT AG
“Nils really inspired us with his keynote and prepared us for the digital future.”
Mark Wirz, SwissTopSport
“Highly impressive keynote with excellent visuals and professional discussion.”
Dieter Tschemernjak, Partner, Investnet AG
“Finally a presentation which is featured by a high degree of up-to-dateness and relevancy for life, without becoming marshy in PowerPoint, and which is mixed with the right amount of emotionality of the speaker which one can not escape.”
Andreas Nassauer. Head of Media Deutsche Telekom AG
Trendone speaker Nils Müller on stage

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