Innovation Audit

Locating your ability to innovate

Innovations do not fail because of a lack of ideas. The stumbling blocks for future-related projects include not having enough vision, failing to live up to the innovation culture and rigid management structures. TRENDONE identifies your innovation barriers based on our expertise from 15 years of successful innovation consulting. We show you concrete measures for boosting your ability to innovate.

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Green light for successful innovations

In just three steps – recognizing the innovation barriers, removing them and lastingly strengthening your company’s ability to innovate.

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Status quo analysis

We will take you with us – and keep you involved. Our Innovation Audit begins with a company analysis in the form of interviews with managers and selected employees from all relevant company divisions. The aim is to achieve a wide acceptance of the downstream change processes.

Localization of the company
Definition of the problems
Stakeholder management

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Definition of the target status

After the interdepartmental interviews, we analyse the status quo and match it against the best practice cases. In a workshop, we present the difference between the current and target statuses and work with you to derive the key measures.

Analysis of the innovation barriers in the company
Presentation of best practice cases
Illustration of optimization measures

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Innovation Paper

We document the defined measures, follow-up formats and possible initiatives in an Innovation Roadmap in order to create the basis for the next steps and for employee engagement in your company.

Management Summary
Individual Innovation Roadmap
Company-specific future areas

Trendone consulting: Innovation Audit

The first step points the way forward

A company’s ability to innovate is determined by individual factors. The focus here is not on quantity, but on quality. With the Innovation Audit, you can identify your ability to innovate with regard to culture, strategy and processes. Make the most of this opportunity to optimally connect these three factors in your company right from the beginning.

Locating your ability to innovate

Improve your ability to innovate

And this is how you will benefit

The Innovation Audit shows you the strengths and weaknesses of your company in terms of the ability to innovate. In a comparison with the most successful approaches on the market, we define the target status for your company and derive the corresponding measures. As a summary of all the results, the Innovation Paper serves as a company guideline for reaching the specified target status.

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When would you like to boost your ability to innovate?

Send us a non-binding enquiry. We would be happy to consult you in person and on an individual basis for your Innovation Audit. Take the first step towards successful innovations.

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