How Artificial Intelligence is changing the corporate world

AI Campus Trend Report

Current AI technologies are having an impact on almost all business areas across the industry. What new working processes and business models will result from this? Let us inspire you with selected examples.

Transformation through AI

Discover exciting micro-trends on the application of current AI technologies in six different areas of influence and learn how AI is already changing the corporate world for good.

AI Campus Trend Report Q1 2024 Update in PDF format (16.1 MB).

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Make your organization AI ready

With a combination of keynotes, workshops, and hands-on sessions, the AI Campus offers an interactive format that focuses on collaborative learning.

  • Try out and apply AI tools yourself
  • Evaluate opportunities for your business model
  • Get an AI roadmap for your future viability

How are you preparing for the AI transformation?

How can you make your organization ready for the challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence? Let's talk about it.

Franziska Palmberger, TRENDONE Senior Business Relations Manager

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