Seamless Commerce


Megatrend: Seamless Commerce

Discover something on Instagram, find out more about it in the app, test it in the shop, order it online, have it sent to a pick-up point, ask the website’s chatbot questions – this could well be a typical customer journey in the year 2021.

The digital revolution has turned retail upside down. The borders between offline retail and e/m-commerce are disappearing. Omnichannel is the industry’s keyword. The aim of seamless commerce is to create a seamless customer experience across all channels.

The influence of other mega-trends is also unmistakable. The effects of Attention Economy and Individualisation as well as the tools of Artificial Intelligence and Data Era are part of the solutions for the digital and individualised customer targeting at the point of sale or for the last mile.

The point of sale itself is also being transformed. Besides the traditional flagship stores, a large number of creative and flexible shop concepts are emerging and bringing brand names previously exclusive to online shops into the shopping malls. In addition, so-called staffless stores – autonomous shopping systems – are increasing the innovation tempo.

Every touchpoint to the customer is being optimized. The time between the initial contact and the completion of a sale is minimized by speed shopping. Pricing is becoming dynamic, mobile payment methods are expanding, and the feedback channel for questions and complaints is open via social media. The future of retail is seamless.

These are the macro-trends of the Seamless Commerce:


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