Mega-Trend Outernet

Megatrend: Outernet

The Outernet is the technical infrastructure of tomorrow. It sprang intolife when the Internet jumped out of desktop PCs onto the streets so that allthe possibilities of the digital world – linking, search, personalisation,interaction – could merge with the real world. The Outernet has led to digitalthings becoming as important as the oxygen we breathe – we now take it forgranted as it has seamlessly integrated itself into many aspects of our lives,business processes and the objects around us. Whereas the old Internetprimarily dealt with the connection of people and information, the Outernetadds three important dimensions: place, time and the world of things. Peopleare now entering into a new relationship with objects and information. Forexample, when a physical product can carry around and display the history ofits own origins – it becomes phygital.The next stage sees objects linking up with each other and forming a Web ofThings. They develop their own sense of awareness of themselves and of theirsurroundings, and can directly react to what’s happening around them. Thetangible world becomes more sensitive and can react to people’s current needs.The possibilities offered us by the Outernet as an applications platform areenormous – and are still a long way from being exhausted.

These are the macro-trends of the Outernet:


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