Mega-Trend Data Era

Megatrend: Data Era

Every day sees the emergence of 2.5exabytes of new data, and the overall figure doubles every 40 months. Today,more data races through the internet every second than was saved in total just20 years ago. We are walking data makers – social media activities, the use ofcloud services and self-tracking via the smartphone have brought about a growthin databases during every day, hour and second. Of course, valuable informationcan be extracted from the multitude of data. With the help of big datatechniques, companies are starting to comb their way through their customerdata in search of hidden patterns. For example, algorithms can predict whichbook certain customers will read next. Data has become the new oil – it is likea raw material that can be extracted and refined. Users are becomingincreasingly aware of the value of the data they produce, but who does the databelong to and who can use it for which purposes? These questions will soon beanswered because the value of data will multiply due to the fact that thedigital measuring and cataloguing of the world by sensors and cameras isalready in full swing. The Data Era is leading us into an age in which we havemore information on every single topic than ever before. From now on, we haveto take our individual data sets and turn them into shared data assets.

These are the macro-trends of the Data Era:


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