Keynotes & Workshops 2012


Trendsession & Keynote “The World in 2021 – consumer trends relevant to travel and leisure industries”  / Lapland University Consortium / Rovaniemi, Finnland
Panel Discussion “Is it possible to educate Innovation?”, / Danube Region Strategy Vienna / Wien
Keynote “Future of Advertising in Rail Mobility”/ SBB CFF FFS / Bern


Keynote “ Future Consumer Trends“/ MEC Global Forum 05 / Warschau
Keynote “A Day in the Future“ / Austrian Innovation Forum / Wien
Trendsession “Megatrends in Marketing and Communication” / HOME on the Rocks / Wien
Panel Discussion “The Future of Packaging”/ Vienna Impack / Wien


Keynote “Future of Print” / Weekend Magazine / Stainz, Österreich


Trendsession / BCN & DSGV / München
Keynote  “A day in the Future” / DE-CIX / München


Radical Game Workshop / ECE / Berlin
Keynote “Worlds Trends in Mediaand Internet”/ IAB Forum / Warschau
Social Media Marketing Course / Vienna University of Business and Economics / Wien


Radical Game and Innovation Training / Procter and Gamble and MEDIACOM / Moskau


Radical Game Workshop / STAEDTLER Mars / Nürnberg