Mega-Trend Autonomous Systems

Megatrend: Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems use a machine-based form of self-organisation to carry out human work. Not only is industrial production characterised by a growing degree of automation, but everyday life too is becoming increasingly influenced and shaped by intelligent machines. In people’s daily lives, robots are performing ever more functions by carrying out complex yet time-consuming tasks from the organisation of the household to planning the daily schedule. Computers and sensors embedded in everyday appliances form the technological basis of new mobility concepts. Autonomous assistance systems are not only changing mobility but also society at large by creating more time for people and thereby boosting the quality of life. In the smart factory of the future, connected objects and machines will bring a decentralised form of intelligence into production and enable automated processes which will, however, still have to be operated and monitored by highly qualified workers. Some people believe that the next wave of automation will destroy jobs. Others, however, take the view that an indirect taxation of non-human work will bring society automation dividends and therefore guarantee future pensions. One thing is for certain: since the very first industrial revolution, the automation of human work has always created new jobs and led to an improvement in the quality of life and better working conditions.

These are the macro-trends of the Autonomous Systems:


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