Mega-Trend Seamless Commerce

Megatrend: Seamless Commerce

Discover it on Instagram, find out more in the app, test it in the shop, order it online, have it sent to the pick-up station and use the website’s live chat for questions – that is not an unusual Customer Journey in the year 2018. The digital revolution has turned the world of retail upside down. The borders between brick and mortar retail, e-commerce and m-commerce are becoming increasingly blurred. Omnichannel is the keyword and the aim of Seamless Commerce, a seamless Customer Experience across all channels. At the same time, it’s impossible to ignore the influence of other mega-trends. The various manifestations of the Attention Economy, individualisation and the tools of the Data Era converge and find solutions for the digital, individualised customer targeting at the point of sale or for the product’s Last Mile on the way to the customer. Every touchpoint with the customer is optimised. Traditional media like print, radio and TV are enhanced by new platforms and channels, and come across as an omnipresent connecting link. A good example of this is second-screen shopping. The time between the first contact and completion of purchase is minimised by speed retail; the pricing is becoming increasingly individualised, (mobile) payment procedures are expanding, while the reverse channel for questions and complaints is open via social networks. The future of retail is seamless.

These are the macro-trends of the Seamless Commerce:


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