Mega-Trend Healthstyle

Megatrend: Healthstyle

Health is no longer merely the absence of illness, but is a lifestyle in its own right. Working on the body, mind and soul with the aim of achieving greater vitality has become a philosophy of its own. Healthy living today mainly means an optimised ability to perform and compete. The feeling of well-being has become a results-oriented project in which people can recharge their batteries to attain even more achievements. Inner health is also maintained by slowing down and developing a more spiritual view of the world. Thanks to digitalisation, Healthstyle has become an omnipresent companion to our daily lives. Health assistants are moving into our homes and devices. This enables independent monitoring of our own vital signs, as well as health consultations from any location and easier management of our health data. Taking preventive measures regarding our health opens up new fields in both analogue and digital product and service markets. What’s more, the democratisation of knowledge and digital health assistants will impact on the entire health system. Patients will become more confident and autonomous, while doctors will be confronted with demands for more transparency and self-determination, and the perception of health experts will shift from “gods in white” to “service providers in white”.

These are the macro-trends of the Healthstyle:


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