Mega-Trend Attention Economy

Megatrend: Attention Economy

Attention is one of the mostimportant currencies of the 21st century. Our everyday lives are bombarded withdifferent images and stimulations. In order to avoid being completelyoverwhelmed, we prioritise our impressions in real time and learn to filterwhat is relevant to us. This is where the challenge begins for those who wishto be heard. In the out-of-home sector, “wow effects” are still generated byloud, colourful and over-dimensional sensation marketing as well as by othersurprise strategies such as pop-up experiences. However, other factors alsostill have to be taken into account when establishing customer contact. Thebattle for attention is won by whoever adapts their message to the respectivelocations, devices, situations and moods. Greater emphasis is being placed onemotionalisation and added value in order to win the rare asset of attention.Brands are therefore becoming storytellers while adverts provide service deals.Technical tools support the battle for people’s attention with messagesbecoming increasingly customized to the needs of specific target groups.So-called tailored touchpoints help to increase the possibility and quality ofcontacts. In an attention economy, long-term customer approval can also be wonby turning the tables on consumers and listening to their needs and offeringthem more attention.

These are the macro-trends of the Attention Economy:


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