Micro-trends are new, intelligent, leading- and structure-changing innovations. They are the first concrete signs of emerging trend movements.

Having received an award in 2012 from the "Germany – Land of Ideas" initiative for our innovative approach to micro-trend research, TRENDONE can boast a solid network of trend scouts and a wealth of experience in innovation research. Micro-trends are innovations with future potential we identify and cluster according to your needs.

Our micro-trends include:

  • Marketing & media innovations
  • New technologies
  • Service innovations
  • New products
  • Innovative business models
  • International start-ups

Here are some examples for micro-trends:

Trend Scouting

Our worldwide trend scouting network supplies 1000 to 1500 suggestions from blogs, forums, magazines and newspapers to our analysts every month using the Trendchecker, which is an online tool developed for researchers. It provides a professional and easy to use platform for submitting new findings and keeping track of your suggestions.

The TRENDONE innovation analysts then evaluate the suggestions and identify the most relevant micro-trends, by interpreting and clustering them into topics as the first signs of major trends. The micro-trends are going through different steps of quality checks to enhance relevance and quality.

Our trend scouts are working online at www.trendchecker.net providing us the latest micro-trends. Apply now with your CV and a copytest on www.trendchecker.com.

An interview with Nils Müller, founder & CEO of TRENDONE:

What is so special about TRENDONE´s trend research approach?
"The optimistic view and confidence in a bright future!"

Why do you believe that micro-trends mirror the future?
"Micro-trends are what give structure to our work at TRENDONE. They are at the core of all our trend services and remain true to their format. They organise, support and create transparency for the developments and innovations of the 21st century. Those who understand today what could be commonplace tomorrow can take an important step towards the present and thereby pave the way into the future."


1,000 to 1,500 trend suggestions are sent in every month.


Our innovation analysts filter all the suggestions according to our criteria: new, intelligent, leading performance and structure changing.


The trend suggestions are put through various quality checks before being finalised.


You can find worldwide best practice examples on all 16 mega-trends and macro-trends in our online tool, the Trendexplorer:

  • Access to the latest and most relevant innovations worldwide
  • Finding useful information with targeted searches
  • Creating impressive presentations in PowerPoint or PDF
  • Collaboratively working on trend researches
  • Staying up-to-date with individual trend alerts