"Companies that prepare systematically and continuously for their corporate future, beat the average with a 33% higher profitability and a 200% higher market capitalization growth. Surprisingly only 1 in 5 companies have implemented sufficient practices."

Dr. rer. oec. René Rohrbeck, Professor of Strategy at Aarhus University
Excerpt from the study Technological Forecasting and Social Change (2018)

In the trend study, you will receive trend topics tailored to your needs, which we will interpret for you and present on your premises.

With the help of our global network of trend scouts and trend spotters, we identify the most relevant trend developments for specific topics and in a wide range of industries. In our customized trend studies, these trends are analyzed and evaluated, their market potentials are assessed and areas of innovation are generated for you.

In the trend study, TRENDONE shows you

  • which developments will influence and have a long-term impact on your business field
  • what kind of market potential can be extracted from the trends
  • how trends and potentials can be characterized and categorized for you

From the briefing to the analysis, the design and the presentation

The research process

“We put together a select scouting team for every project to search for suitable innovations & trends in accordance with customer needs (global or in specific regions). Each research project comprises certain research phases. These include a pre-research phase, in which we establish the briefing and search fields with you. As well as the language regions, the search fields and the relevant industries, we also consider each innovation’s stage of development. After a quick update with you, we send you the results mostly as a PDF or integrate them into the analysis process.”

Sebastian Metzner - Head of Research - TRENDONE GmbH.

Topics that already were delivered to the client:

  • Which technological trends are coming up in sectors, which are important for the automobile industry?

  • Which trends in logistic and other industry sectors are most likely to influence the future of those sectors?

  • How are customers' expectations evolving and what influence does this have on the communication at the Point of Sale?

  • How is the agriculture chanching in the next 10 years?


Customer feedback

“The study designed for us based on Shopper Marketing enabled us to develop a new approach and process for the creation of Shopper Marketing innovations. The TRENDONE macro-trends together with the permanent trend updates help Cheil to stay at the cutting edge and generate innovative approaches for our own customers. This study acted as a basis for a Picture of the Future Workshop.”

Marc Feige
Vice President
Cheil Germany



“The collaboration with Trendone was efficient and pleasant. The result was convincing and changes in scheduling and content focus were professionally and quickly executed throughout the process.”

Oliver Johnson
Leiter Digitales Marketing

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