Are you looking for new perspectives? Book one of TRENDONE's Ideation Workshops now - we guarantee fresh ideas which let you think in new ways.

Innovation by combination

TRENDONE supports your innovation process from a neutral point of view. Every workshop starts with a presentation to introduce you to the latest micro-trends of your branch. The keynote serves as a basis of inspiration that helps you in your creative work. You will combine micro-trends to completely new innovation ideas.

Depending on your objectives, the new ideas can be refined and specified by various creative methods. 

Three phases of the workshop

  1. Inspiration: As a starting point for the workshop we present selected micro-trends from your branch.

  2. Ideation: Micro-trends are playfully combined and discussed with each other. This results in completely new product innovations, that has not been given before.

  3. Transformation: Subsequently to the Radical Game we offer several methods to refine and specify your ideas. Depending on your objectives you compile concepts, transfer them to other product sectors or you develop prototypes for your idea - our experienced workshop leaders will be pleased to advise you to find the right method. 

Goal of the workshop:

  • Developing new, innovative ideas

Additional benefit:

  • a training and teambuilding event for your employee
  • creative and practice-oriented co-working with different departements of your company

Your scopes of design:

  • as a half or full-day event
  • as a Speed Radical Game for several hours
  • 6 to 200 participants


From ideas to visualisations

The workshop can be accompanied by a trendsketcher, who will illustrate your concepts. This innovative way of workshop documentation will help you to focus on your ideas and to keep them in mind.

[Translate to English:] SKRIBBLE

Exemplary Projects

... for a halfday workshop:

[Translate to English:] AGENDA BILDER ALS GALERIE

... for a fullday workshop:

Our experience proves:

  • Micro trends are the perfect stimuli for creative ideas.
  • The playful working shows a new form of workshops.
  • Workshops don't have to take two days for goal-oriented ideating.

Project reference

Radical Game & Training Workshop for R&V Allgemeine Versicherung AG

"How do we gain insights in trendscouting and get a more effectiv workflow with trends?"



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