Together with you we develop a concrete picture of the future of your company and the market environment you are sourended by.

We combine the trend research with the scenario method develop your picture of the future based on the trends for the next 10 years.

Key questions that can be focused on in your workshop: 

  • How does your customers and their requirements change in future?
  • How does technologies change and what know-how is required?
  • How does the value chains and your competition change?
  • How does your products and services change?
  • How can your company take advantage of these developments?

The aim of the workshop: Develop a trend-based vision of the future

The picture of the future workshop will clarify key questions about how your industry can look like in the future and which trends are influencing this development.

Exemplary Projects

Time frame:
1 day workshop (8 hours)

Executives, Experts, Trend researcher 

Customer Feedback

“The Picture of the Future for "Shopper Marketing" developed with
TRENDONE helped us to develop shopper marketing innovations in a new, innovative approach and process. The input by TRENDONE (macro trends) and a permanent trend update supports Cheil to be up to date and to generate innovative approaches for our customers.”

Marc Feige
Vice President
Cheil Germany

“Airbus and TRENDONE are looking back on a 6 year partnership. TRENDONE’s Micro-Trends combined with Airbus internal expertise on trend research and market intelligence is helping Airbus Cabin Innovation & Design to create a picture of the future passenger experience. We appreciate the partnership with TRENDONE because of their reliable and concrete input.”

Axel Becker
Manager Trend Research & Market Intelligence


Project references

Picture of the Future "Print 2025" for VDMA

"How can we use the strengths and the potential of the industry participants today and what are the influencing factors for the print industry and our company in 2030?"


Picture of the Future „client-consultant-interaction 2025“ with MLP Finanzdienstleistungen

“How does it feel to be consulted by MLP and to work as a consultant in 2025?"


Picture of the Future - Future Shopper Marketing for Cheil

“How does the requirements of shoppers look like in future? What does that mean for the communication at the PoS? And what about the distribution channels in 2025?"


Picture of the Future for a German energy company

"What is the customer interaction in 2025 and how do they convert the touchpoints in the search fields: Product Portfolio, Marketing and Retail & Support."


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