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It is not the number of trends that is decisive for the effectiveness of your systematic trend management, but the way you deal with the trends that really are relevant in terms of influence and mainstream adoption. Macro-trends labeled with “Act” represent the topics most relevant for action.

TRENDONE Trends2022 Circular Economy

ACT: Circular Economy

In the circular economy, there is neither waste nor a need for primary raw materials. The potential offered by the circular economy is particularly high in energy-intense industries.

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TRENDONE Trends2022 Diversity Awareness

PREPARE: Diversity Awareness

Recognizing and actively promoting diversity: consumers expect companies to make a contribution to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

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TRENDONE Trends2022 Decentralized Autonomous Organisations

WATCH: Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAO)

DAOs are a combination of agile entrepreneurship, crypto-technologies and Web 3.0 approaches.

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Trend identification and continuous monitoring

The trend experts from TRENDONE present you with three macro-trends which represent relevant developments that your company should react to and prepare for.


Macro-Trend 1: Circular Economy

The circular economy is not only important in the context of climate change. By recycling materials, companies can make significant cost savings and become less dependent on raw material imports. To achieve this, they will have to completely rethink the product lifecycle, from design through to reintegration. Closed material cycles can be built up by connecting the producers, the waste industry and the recyclers.

TRENDONE Trends2022 Circular Economy
In the circular economy, there is neither waste nor a need for primary raw materials
TRENDONE Trends 2022 Circular Economy Micro-Trend Recycling Textilien

Micro-Trend: Melting thread for recycling textiles

The Belgian start-up Resortecs has developed a thread that melts at specific temperatures and could help with recycling textiles. This may also reduce the CO2 emissions of the fashion industry by 50%. The special thread loses its stability at extremely high temperatures. This allows buttons, zips and similar accessories to then be removed with little effort. The items go into low-emission disassembly ovens capable of treating tons of clothes. The textiles are then recycled. The first oven of this kind is already in operation and will help major clients such as H&M to establish a circular production cycle.


Macro-Trend 2: Diversity Awareness

Consumers expect companies to make a contribution to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). Diversity Awareness means recognizing and appreciating the needs of each individual, with regard to all dimensions of diversity. At the same, equality of opportunities and an inclusive working environment must also be ensured. Diversity in teams and target groups can be a real innovation driver and make companies more competitive in the long term.

TRENDONE Trends2022 Diversity Awareness
Recognizing and actively promoting diversity
“Logos in rainbow colors or highlighting the number of female employees is not enough for genuine diversity. What’s needed is a culture that is open to accepting and appreciating differences and all kinds of perspectives to include everyone.”
Jessica Werner, Trend Analyst TRENDONE
Intelligente Systeme

Macro-Trend 3: Decentralized Autonomous Organisations

So-called “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)” can be created by combining agile entrepreneurship, crypto-technologies and Web 3.0 approaches. DAOs use publicly available programming codes stored on a blockchain, smart contracts and specific tokens to organize the work of the future for decentralized employees in order to achieve company objectives. DAOs are leaving the sphere of the crypto world behind and will find new applications in other industries in 2022.

Decentralized Autonomous Organisations - DAO
When the code becomes the CEO

Systematic trend management in the mid-sized sector

In partnership with the Federation of German Industries (BDI), TRENDONE presents the results of the extensive trend survey in the mid-sized sector. The Trend Radar is one of the most important instruments for effectiveness in the innovation process. It answers the question about which trends a company should and must focus on in the future.

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector

In cooperation with the BDI, TRENDONE presents the 24 most important trends in 2021+ for the mid-sized sector, as evaluated by mid-sized firms.

  • 153 participants

  • 24 macro-trends

  • 12 industries

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector in PDF format (14,9 MB).

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