The Millennials have grown up and are redefining the notion of parenthood.MILLENNIAL PARENTS


… families receive advice from state architects to help them stay in their apartments or familiar surroundings even with their children?
… parents work in co-working spaces and a child minder looks after the children on the same premises?
… reconciling work and family becomes an important topic specially for men?

Millennials now form the new generation of parents. They want to integrate their children into their lives and not suddenly turn into different people just because they have become parents. They want to travel, eat out and enjoy culture – best of all together with their children. Talking honestly about pregnancy, birth and parenthood via social media channels is also important to millennial parents, who have always been part of the digitization process. Equality is at the core of their mindset and fathers now also want to take part in the daily lives of their children. Mothers, meanwhile, demand an equal form of reintegration into the world of work. Companies have also recognized that the new generation of parents does not wish to choose between family and career, and are offering corresponding services – not least as a result of the shortage of skilled workers. This new family model will also soon lead to an increase in demand for household services, as well as for online grocery shopping, subscription options and flexible childcare possibilities. Even the word “family” has become a flexible term for Millennials. Whether it refers to a choice mom who lives with her kids and friends in a shared home or two same-sex couples who raise children together, family is simply where children have a loving home and feel comfortable. Introducing equal rights for marriage and adoption in 2017 has strengthened this development.


Childcare at co-working office

Company establishes educational centre

Lightweight car seat for car sharing services

Baby kit for new parents



  • Convenient & Healthy: Millennial parents do not have the time for shopping and cooking healthy, varied meals. High-quality convenient meals in organic quality could fill this gap.
  • Cool Places: Millennial parents are often on the go with their children and they want to eat in places that make them feel welcome as a family. Cafés and restaurants should create the right conditions and space to accommodate prams, nappy-changing tables and play areas.
  • Meal Delivery for Kids: Delivery services should make sure to offer children and their parents healthy meals and snacks in future.


  • Genderless Products: Genderless clothes are growing in popularity as millennial parents don’t want to raise their children with gender-related clichés.
  • Flexible & Mobile: The requirements of children’s products have changed with regard to their mobility and flexibility. Whether with prams, beds and car seats – light materials and space-saving storage are becoming more important.
  • Outdoor Extension: In future, outdoor brands will also move into the baby equipment sector. Breathable snowsuits, prams made of high-performance materials and stylish, weatherproof baby change bags will become popular among lifestyle-conscious parents.


  • Family Airbnb: City trips with children are growing in popularity. Conventional hotel rooms are impractical for families, however, and people now prefer to stay in fully equipped apartments. The hotel sector must therefore develop services to win families back from Airbnb.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Millennial parents want to do more than just attend children’s events – they would also like to take their children with them when they go off to pursue their own interests. It would therefore help them to have a kids’ corner in a cool café, professional childcare while they attend an afternoon concert or yoga course and a timeslot at the museum specially reserved for families.
  • Easy Information: Fathers mainly use YouTube to look for information about babies or childcare. They could also be targeted with things like How-to’s and tutorials.


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