The most important trends for this yearTRENDS 2018

One of our most important tasks as trend researchers and innovation consultants is to maintain a clear overview on your behalf of the changes taking place in the world. To assess for you which technologies, business models and consumer trends will soon be relevant to your company, and then process the implications. Why? So that you can take the trends further into your company and initiate precisely these changes and innovations that are necessary for long-term success.

For this year, we expect a strong degree of innovation dynamics for these seven trends. If you wish to develop a comprehensive trend radar for your company or gain inspiration for your innovation process, feel free to contact us any time.

First of all, however, read our trends for 2018 here:

The wide-ranging possibilities of genetic scissors are being tested in labs.

New production methods and food sources make food more versatile and sustainable.

The Millennials have grown up and are redefining the notion of parenthood.

Turning to mysticism in uncertain times

The verification of text, image, video and audio will become a priority.

Return of the retail space – based on modular design

Recycling adds value – Zero Waste is the aim


We offer trend research and creative innovation consultancy.

As the market leader for trend research, we work in interdisciplinary teams made up of trend scouts, industry insiders, visionary thinkers and people with foresight. On behalf of our customers, we detect, collect and research global trends, scan worldwide innovation fields and use deep research to identify future-oriented technologies and potentials. We analyse insights, provide a fresh momentum and transform the accumulated knowledge perfectly into concrete ideas that allow your company to lay the foundations for a successful future.

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