Mega-Trend Transhumanism

Megatrend: Transhumanism

The latest findings from the field of human biology and technological advances, on the one hand, and a glance back at evolution, on the other hand, lead to one question: to what extent can humans create the next type of human by themselves? Originally a subject for science fiction literature, transhumanism led a marginal existence in the scientific world for a long time. Today, an ideologically-led movement is working towards the targeted improvement of the human being. Wearables like smartwatches and electronic display devices are an indication of most people’s willingness to accept the close proximity of technology. With these newly presented possibilities, the natural limitations of the human body no longer seem absolute. From artificial limbs to electronics fitted in or on the body and right through to the insertion of partly autonomous small robots and manipulated microorganisms in the bloodstream – none of the procedures that go on inside the human organism now seem out of bounds. Even the creation of completely new life no longer appears distant due to the latest findings in the field of genetics, in particular. Ethical questions are inseparably linked to the subject of transhumanism. The unforeseeable long-term consequences and the unclear legal situation in many countries are faced with possibilities like effective treatments for previously incurable illnesses and a overall higher quality of life.

These are the macro-trends of the Transhumanism:


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