Mega-Trend Sustainability

Megatrend: Sustainability

Sustainability was an influential topic of the past few decades and it remains so today. The economy, the food production chain and the entire consumption process are all tested for sustainability. The economy is becoming the reconomy: the reuse of used objects that were previously seen as waste will partly help to solve the problem of waste disposal. Even in the technology sector, greater emphasis is being placed on ecologically sound procedures – the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of emissions are a top priority in many industries. A growing global population demands greater protection of natural resources for food production in order to guarantee sustainable and worldwide provisions. Alternative cultivation methods like aquaponics can play a key role here. The Western world is becoming aware that its lifestyle is difficult to reconcile with environmental protection. Some people are now trying to make a contribution to a more sustainable world through ethically correct consumption. This also involves purchasing products from the local region. To make it as easy as possible for consumers to buy ecologically sound goods, ECOnvenience products are showing that it’s possible to combine ethical consumption and convenience. Thanks to a growing awareness of the consequences of our lifestyles, sustainability for companies and individuals now means accepting responsibility for future generations.

These are the macro-trends of the Sustainability:


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