Mega-Trend Skill Society

Megatrend: Skill Society

Knowledge is one of the most important resources of the 21st century. Itadds a key element to the classic production factors of work, land and capital,and plays an important role in productivity and growth in the post-industrialage. Smartphones and tablet computers now enable us to access informationeverywhere and at all times. Everyone can find and use expert knowledge in ashort space of time. However, knowledge is losing its static properties andbecoming more dynamic. The ever shortening half-life period makes a new way ofdealing with the fleeting raw material indispensable. The focus here is ontransferring knowledge in experience through practical application. Innovativecompanies found labs that concentrate on the application of knowledge. Newmethods like collaborative working allow knowledge to be developed andimplemented as part of joint ventures. Competing companies may join forces tocollaborate on the development of new vehicles or software. For privateindividuals, e-learning offers the opportunity to make knowledge availablethrough practical learning formats. Over the coming years, knowledge gainedthrough experience will continue to grow in relevance. We are currently in atransition phase between the knowledge society and the skill society.

These are the macro-trends of the Skill Society:


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