Attention Economy


Megatrend: Attention Economy

Attention is one of the most important currencies of the 21st century. It is the basis of a great many business models, but with the rise of mindfulness practices, people are becoming increasingly exclusive with this valuable resource.

In times of clickbait and fake news, people are only willing to reward top quality with their attention. In order to stand out, brands are therefore increasingly using emotionalization, authenticity and stances on social issues.

Advertising becomes ad tech when programmatic advertising or other tools and technologies are used. Advertising is also a service and utility when value propositions become the standard. Brands communicate via innovative platforms, think outside the box and, as with dynamic storytelling in content marketing, offer their customers high-quality content instead of flat claims.

More and more brands are discovering influencer marketing, yet this too only works in an authentic setting. The aesthetic spirit of our “visual culture” develops continuously and keeps the shapers of brand communication on their toes.

Digital and public tailored touchpoints are used to customize messages even more precisely to target groups. In addition, proximity marketing – i.e. targeting customers via smartphones in a local context – boosts the quality of a contact.

These are the macro-trends of the Attention Economy:


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