Mega-Trend Aging Society

Megatrend: Aging Society

Strictly speaking, the demographic change is not a trend but a statistical fact. Many societies are growing older. This represents a huge challenge to the healthcare system because an increasing average age also means larger numbers of chronically ill and multimorbid people. To guarantee the same quality of healthcare, technology can emerge as an intermediary between patients and doctors. Thanks to Ambient Assisted Living – technological assistance systems that facilitate everyday life – senior citizens can maintain their independence well into old age. This will involve the smart home, specially developed care robots and smart accessories that make walking, reading and driving easier. In addition, telemedical care that bridges time and location differences will particularly help to alleviate regional imbalances. Innovative diagnosis systems and a smart cloud for analyzing medical data are the key drivers for this development. Continuously improving transmission technologies will ensure that doctors can intervene via telepresence in the event of worrying test results. Demographic changes do not only pose dangers, however, but also offer great potential. Medical innovations help to keep people agile and active into old age, and allow them to break down old stereotypes and roles in society. Active agers can use their experience to make a valuable contribution to society.

These are the macro-trends of the Aging Society:


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